Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – The Blustery Day


Seriously Shawn

SO, rainy day drop-off for school is the pits. It was pouring like an M-Fer out there this morning! BUT, here goes…

  • One goal for my week: use the Kinect more. It’s really quite cool but with so many things going on, I keep forgetting to play!
  • In domestic news: our propane tank has been dug up from the ground and when it stops raining, we’ll be hauling that dirt to the  hole. Doesn’t THAT sound like fun? No, not so much.
  • The one downside to having that tank finally removed is that they had to move our satellite dish; we won’t have TV until Wednesday. Now normally, this wouldn’t bother me; that’s what books are for. But last night, there was football AND the season premier of Bones. So… dammit!
  • My Photojojo phone lenses came yesterday. I am pretty happy with them, especially since my phone case adjusted itself around the metal magnetic ring upon which the lens attaches. I haven’t been able to try it out in full sun though, which will probably yield better photos.
  • I fell asleep during the second Clash of the Titans movie last night. Wrath, was it? It was pretty crappy and I was tired; I was not expecting to come home and have to shovel that dirt. Nor deal with whiny kids. I guess I thought they be in a good mood. LOL. Who am I kidding?
  • Well, I am pretty boring today; I have student conferences in the afternoon and for the first half of the morning, I’ll be plugging away at this here job and blogging. Sounds like a blast, to be honest. I have no grading this week!!!
  • For Man Candy I was aiming for a guy in the rain to match our weather but no such luck. This will have to do:

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – The Blustery Day

  1. Love this weeks eye candy, I do agree he’d look better in the rain but he’ll do in a pinch.

    I remember rainy day car lines, yuck! Middle school seems to be much easier than elementary. I have no clue why, I think the need to have perfect hair and makeup now would be worse, go figure.

    Hopefully the grey cloud hanging over us will go away, IA comes tomorrow!

  2. I got the Wii a year ago, and I wish I thought to use it more…I’d like to try the Kinect sometime!
    I think I say this every week, but … wow. Thanks for the man candy. Yowzas.

  3. Oh la la! Hello there, cutie pie! He will DEFINITELY work for some sweet azz eye candy!!!

    Rain. We need it so badly but I HATE being out in it.

    A lens for your phone? What kind of phone do you have? That sounds awesome!

    Thanks for linking up! =)

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