Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – TMI edition


Seriously Shawn

Ha ha aha Tuesday! That shouldn’t be a joke, but it is!

  • SO, Elliot went to Kindergarten yesterday! I was very strong and did not cry. In fact, I actually didn’t even need to; I was brave for us both.
  • Today, we experienced the after before care/before class begins thing. Basically, kids wait in the front of the school with minimal supervision, then someone from their grade comes to get them for the next 30 or so minutes before class actually begins. I didn’t walk with him to that room but once the Kindergarten supervisor got them, he was out. Guess he’s acclimated already!
  • Oh, so here’s the TMI portion of this post. My Sunday run was preempted by some, well, digestive issues. I thought I was good to go so I was about to head out when Ash woke up. (It was about 6:30). He told me to take wipes in a baggie just in case and I was like, “no no, I am fine.” Every long distance runner knows that at some point, bathroom issues will catch up with you and you’ll end up diving into the bushes. I have never done that before, not even when I have had to pee REALLY bad. Well, Sunday was a first for me. I knew it was inevitable so I darted across the street to where I saw some reasonably thick bushes. Mind you, I have never done this while camping or anything so I  was running on instinct. Being early, there weren’t a lot of cars so I waited for two at the intersection to pass then cozied up to the bushes. Not one of my finer moments but the Circle K was about half a mile away and I could not wait. I did stop at said gas station though since, you know, bushes don’t come equipped with toilet paper.
  • I should have taken the wipes.
  • A leaf fell out of my gear when I got into the bathroom.
  • The rest of my run was amazing! Then I ran out of water on the way back so I again stopped into the Circle K. When I’d gone in earlier, the girl working came out of the bathroom just before me, crying. When I went back in, she was regaling her co-worker of some sob story so I had to interrupt to ask if I could have some water; she obvs didn’t care since she’d probably just broken up with her BF or something. So I’m searching the bank of soda dispensers for water, to no avail. So when she went back to her bawling, I took some ice and Powerade and took off. I owe them about 57 cents worth of drink!
  • Hey, you do what you gotta do and even though I had gotten caught in a torrential downpour and it wasn’t very hot out, I wanted something ice cold.
  • Running is NOT glamorous.
  • BUT, I do feel pretty good that I was doing this plan Ash had suggested but neither of us noticed that it was for “intermediate runners who have done a marathon before.” I would consider myself intermediate but this is my first full. So I am going back to Runner’s World’s old plan and um, it’s a lot less hills and overall mileage. This brings me great joy!
  • I have a literal ton of work to do today so I’d best be starting. I have to work on my syllabus and I am trying to find a way to talk about running as some kind of metaphor for their college careers; it’s not working. Peace out!

Don’t know this one’s name but that’s just a sexy scene. And you’re welcome. Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – TMI edition

  1. I go run around the park near our house–the benefit is that there is a bathroom in the middle that’s open during the warm months–During the snowy months–I don’t run.

  2. I have …ermm… digestive issues almost every time when I go for a walk. Once it was really bad, and my brother was walking with me, and he told me to sit on a garbage can and he’d pretend to talk to me. Like that was normal, to sit on a garbage can on the side of the road, chatting with my brother. Needless to say, I hung on til I got home. Now I make sure that my route doubles back by my house so I can stop in for a break if need be.

  3. It’s when you least expect it that you need there wipes, I have found! Thank goodness for convenience stores actually being in a convenient place.

    I am glad that kindergarten was not as traumatic as expected, for either of you!

  4. It’s sorta kinda interesting to read how someone such as you has a child going into Kindergarten and I have a child who will be going to college soon. We’re worlds apart on that, but yet our common interests as mothers, bloggers & friends is what brings us together.

    I don’t know how you even begin to do something like run especially when the elements are extremee. I don’t even like going outside to get the mail when it’s too hot or cold. lol What a baby I am, huh? Have a terrific day, my friend!

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