I’m almost to 2000 posts written on this blog. I think Tuesday might do it, which would be cool, since it’s my favorite blogging day. I opted out of posting yesterday because I had a million and one things to do, though today is no different. Goal one: grade papers. Goal two: finish weekly plans for my Fall syllabus. Goal three: give mailboxes back to the three people I thought had graduated. Oops.

My run yesterday was 7 miles hills. But my watch got all messed up because I stopped it myself, instead of letting it auto pause, so I then forgot to restart it. Went a different route and it turned out to be close to only 6. I was kind of disappointed, especially because it took me roughly 80 minutes, but that included a bathroom stop and subsequent chat with the girl who works there. I think I could have done better. But I should also know not to take chances on new routes. Though it was interesting, I didn’t reach my goal and I was slow. That would be fine if I wasn’t training. I actually enjoyed going a different way. Oh well. It is what it is.

On my rest days, I tell myself not to think about running at all. And yet, when I sit at my desk doing work, I still subconsciously think about it. It’s a vague idea, barely even there, but it IS there and I kind of hate that.

We watched Lockout last night, the weird space convict movie with Guy Pearce. It was just OK; I drifted off during some of it for sure but it had some funny lines. I should let Ash pick the movies. (But then we would have watched Wanderlust, which I wasn’t in the mood for.)

I’d kill for one day without rain.

I’m slightly worried about West Nile Virus. Like, do I really need another thing to worry about?

The rain makes me sleepy. So sleeeepy.

There are loud sorority girls in my building and I want to kick them.


7 thoughts on “Various

  1. It’s barely rained here all summer, but now that I’m trying to get out every night for a walk, it’s decided to shower every evening. Awesome. I need to get some rain gear so that I walk, regardless of the rain.

    Rain makes me sleepy to.

  2. We have been getting some showers, but nothing you can really call rain. We will be getting the s stuff before too long–yes winter comes early and stays late. I would bet that the first snow will fall by the beginning of October.
    Today has been long and it’s only 10 here.

  3. I have been running lately, and I’m so impressed with your stamina. 7 miles of hills! I think it would kill me. And that Red Hook IPA up there is making me thirsty!

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