Our weekend and why I feel like Jell-o

I don’t have it in me this morning to do Music Monday so just a recap. (Which is funny b/c it’s a Country themed week and you know me; I love Country!)

Friday afternoon, Ash and I had lunch at Cracker Barrel (even though I really wanted Italian) and those chicken and dumplings were pretty darn tasty. Then we went to see The Campaign, which is silly and ridiculous but pretty funny. Let’s face it: Will Ferrell was really only ever funny in Elf.  I enjoyed it though and in the end, it had a decent story. The movie was only 90 minutes so we did some party shopping after; Elliot’s 5th b-day shindig is this weekend so we needed to get a few things that we didn’t already order online. It’s always nice to shop with just Ash; we rarely do that anymore. It was pouring rain (of course) but he dropped me off, I ran, and he got the kids. In fact, I think he even fed them. Fridays are always a  blur after the weekend. Yes, I ran and then went to the grocery store, because I think I went 4/5 days last week. This is becoming the norm with my running schedule. The kids get fed and I get home and don’t feel hungry for about 45 minutes then I run to the store.

Anyway, I ran super early Saturday morning because this neighbourhood near us was doing a big garage sale thing. We went looking for toys but we didn’t end up buying anything. Well, not true. I bought a pot for my new basil plant. Oddly enough, I bought it from our old daycare lady; the one who watched both boys from the time I went back to work until they turned one. I spent all of one dollar out there; LOL. We got home and I made breakfast, even though it was 9:30. Ash ran and then I took Ell to swim lessons. After a quick lunch, we all napped for about three hours, which was glorious. Since they slept so late, we got a late start getting to the playground, which was actually spur of the moment. but for once, it wasn’t hotter than the blazes of hell outside.  The evening was nice: spaghetti, TV watching, late bedtimes for the kids but after that, testing out the Kinect were giving Ell for his birthday. Dance Party is pretty awesome!

I got up early again Sunday to get my 11 miler done. Felt pretty good starting out but I could tell me legs were sore; I had mowed the lawn the evening before (forgot to mention that above; it’s so mundane.) The first few miles were rough but 5-8 were ok. I started to really drop off after that and my left calf was hurting SO much. I struggled; fought with myself mentally over walking and pushing forward, the calf burning, my right foot and its stabbing pain reminding me that I am doing a lot of mileage faster than I ever have before. I regretted not bringing two GUs, which would have given me the much-needed boost for the last couple miles. I walked some, which I normally don’t do. It took me a long time and when I was a mile away, I kept thinking about taking an ice bath in hopes that would help the pain. I walked into the house and Ash was in the tub and I just cried. I think the emotion of feeling like I failed the run just fell on me at that point. He got out and I got in, running the cold water. He added all the ice from the freezer and it did help, though I could have used 2-3 bags. He offered to get it but I told him no. Instead, he got us bagels and we, again, ate a really late breakfast. But at that point, I didn’t care. I was bereft of any energy; I’m not sure what went wrong. After the bath, I laid on the couch for a while and just did nothing.

Around 11, though, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure. The place I always go to has changed hands and for the better; they do slightly more for the same price, including this sea salt scrub and a hot stone massage. The leg massage REALLY helped my calf and for most of the day, I didn’t even feel pain. Sadly, I am sore all over today. I’m really glad it’s a rest day but I’m also itching to get back out there and give it another go. This week is a ratchet back so only ten on Sunday, which should be fine but I’ll feel pressure because my parents and aunt will be in town for the party. I’ll probably get up even earlier and try to bang it out. It’s time to get tough; I can’t let my mental lameness get me down. I know that run could have been better if I’d been in the right frame of mind. Next week will be better.

Today, I have to run to Costco and see if they can make a cake the way I want it. I also plan on eating Chipotle. Maybe. Depends. Anyway, happy Monday, readers!

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