Friday Confessional


I confess… The children were annoying last night and I had cramps and was generally disgruntled so I took a bath. And I lit some candles and read a book. And it was glorious!

I confess… This morning, while waiting for my drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, I noticed they had packets of lemon juice (for which sandwich, I don’t know.) But I totally took a few because I have to clean my microwave and lemon juice in a glass of water will help dissolve the grime so you can wipe that sucker down. LOL.

I confess… In the back of my mind, I keep thinking that I don’t want to run six miles today. But then I remind myself to be thankful it isn’t 11, like this coming Sunday. Sigh.

I confess… I am sick and tired of the rain. I haven’t been able to mow my lawn and it’s an overgrown mess. Also, I am starting to hate getting caught in the rain while running. As if it weren’t hard enough…

I confess… For the first time in probably two years, I feel like eating Italian at a restaurant. For a while now I have not wanted to eat that kind of food out. it’s so heavy and it makes me feel so gross and heavy. But for some reason, I think it sounds amazing today.

I confess… I started following both Lochte and Nathan Adrian weeks ago on Twitter but have since dropped Lochte. I can’t handle the stupid!

I confess… I am listening to a mix of Jimmy Buffet, Asia, and Toto this morning then it’s out like a girl scout for me! Have a good weekend!!!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. We will be traveling all weekend, but then it’s relaxation time on a lake shore. I have to be careful of the Italian I order or the servings are so huge I really can’t eat it all.

  2. LOL, is Lochte stupid?? I’ll have to read some of his tweets. He’s super hot though.
    I wish I could run, I admire you. I couldn’t even run if someone was chasing me. I’d have to play dead.
    Have a great weekend.

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