Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Ch-ch-ch-changes, ducks, slippery slides


Seriously Shawn

Oh Tuesday… again? Really? I’ll try to make the best of you, I really will.

  • People, do you realize that my oldest child will be a Kindergartener in  six days? That just blows my mind. I sometimes can’t believe I’ve been a mom that long. As excited as he is about it – seemingly no fear about the change – I have to say that I am starting to worry just a little. Mostly over the new morning routine and how many new things we’ll need to learn. I have never been good with change!
  • In fact, I got a wee bit overwhelmed the other night thinking about just how much we’ll have going on in the Fall: new school for Elliot, my normal job plus my face-to-face class plus my online stuff plus another course later in that semester, my training then the race in early November, Ash’s training which will overlap mine for two months, a trip to the Georgia Aquarium, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then a sixteen hour drive to Chicago for Christmas! ::Breathe, Claire, breathe::
  • We had a realization yesterday, Ash and I, that we’re sticking to the rules too much lately and it’s stressing everyone out. Obviously you want your kids to understand that there are limitations and eat their vegetables and get enough sleep, etc… but when you spend so much energy implementing the rules, it becomes  tiresome. And then no one is happy. So we’re easing up. You want to eat cheese and grapes as soon as you get home and therefore won’t eat dinner? Fine. Are you full and happy? Good. That’s what matters.
  • I love breaks between semesters; there’s no one around so a lot less pressure. I am catching up this week: cleaning my office and reorganizing and making sure all my ducks are in a row. Where did that saying even come from? Who lines up their ducks? Don’t they line up on their own? At Peabody hotels they do!
  • There’s another hotel in Orlando (I forget the name) that does a penguin parade now, trying to one-up the ducks.
  • Remember last week when I blogged about one-upping other parents’ birthday parties? I don’t know if Ell’s will do it but we DID buy a triple slip n’ slide so that COULD be the deciding factor.
  • Where were those when we were kids? We had the plain old yellow one. The only extreme thing I ever did was this one church get-together thing where this whole field had been turned into a mud pit. Then they had huge tarps that had both mud and water so you slid around. Needless to say, my clothes were trashed after that night but it was hella fun.
  • I honestly can’t believe I just used the term “hella.” I’m showing my age!

Ok folks, that’s a wrap on another Random Tuesday post. Last week was pretty lackluster for comments; I know y’all are busy but show me some love. After all, look what I give you!

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Ch-ch-ch-changes, ducks, slippery slides

  1. I hate change too… I think if I ever get to have kids, the whole starting school thing will cause me great anxiety. Hang in there…

    And thank you, thank you, thank you. That pic just made my damn morning.

  2. Ive been stressing about my youngest starting pre school very soon. She’s already but I’m not.

    I love those triple slip n slids. My sister in law has one and the kids loved it.

    The eye candy…Thank you 😉

  3. Whoa! Nice ducks! Sounds like you have a lot on your plate coming up. This parenting thing is tricky, isn’t it? So much that no one ever told us about parenting!

  4. It was a very bitter sweet thing for me when my oldest started kindergarten. He was excited and ready but I just realized once they start school- well they are in school then until they are done with college!
    And good for you with the rules- yes sometimes it is good just to realize that some things really aren’t that important in the end.

  5. My only word of advice for your trip to the aquarium….XANAX!!! I’m a GA Peach and have experienced the aquarium a few times and although it’s beautiful, it’s stressful!! While you’re there, go across the street to the “World of Coke”. It’s AWESOME!!!

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