Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Give and Take edition

Back to work, back to the annoyance that is an endless string of unexpected costs, and life in general. Le sigh.


Seriously Shawn

  • Aside from the awesome water slide at the Disney hotel being broken, we had a great time there. It was everything you’d expect from Disney and even things that were less than perfect (like the busted cabinet door – which was soon fixed – and the soda machine taking my money – which got reimbursed at the front desk) were pretty awesome. I mean, it was a nice stay.
  • As I mentioned in my previous post, we were totally harassed in a movie theater. I’m sorry but no, I do not have to move over for you if you walk in here just as the movie is starting. I am really sick of people thinking that just because they ask for something, they’re going to get it. Maybe I should have just bowed down and given up my principles but I just didn’t think it was necessary. Also, you cannot expect to sit in the middle of the theater if you’re late. Plan ahead, people.
  • Orlando has changed A LOT since I lived there; I kind of can’t believe how bad traffic is, how bad drivers are, the sheer amount of toll roads, and just the state of it in general. I kind of hope my parents do move up here at some point. I’d miss having O-town people for staying for other events but I am thankful for small-town traffic, let me tell you.
  • Conversely from our bad theater experience, on our last morning, we were in the little cafe picking up breakfast when a woman came by and basically offered to buy our breakfast because she had gotten the meal plan for the duration of her stay and had four meals left. I offered her cash for it but she said no. She just wanted to use it and not lose it. Sometimes, people can be really nice for no reason.
  • My neighbour brought back our key  – she was taking my dogs out and feeding them in our absence – and she brought over some BBQ chicken and brats from their party the night before. Seriously, some people are just so kind.
  • All this kind of makes me think that I need to do something kind for someone or for the world. I am going to do Locks for Love here soon, soon as I can make a hair appointment. But there has to be something else… What do you do to be charitable?

In closing, here’s my charitable contribution to you: Julian Gabriel. ‘Nuff said.

7 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Give and Take edition

  1. My charitable contribution are the clothes we donate to ARC. We donate to them about monthly during the spring, summer and fall. As for kind acts, well I try to do those when the opportunity presents itself.
    Even if things are broken at Disney, they still try to do things up right. Sounds like you had fun even with the bumps.

  2. I have had a horrible time logging into WordPress so I’ve logged on with Twitter… let’s hope that solves the problem!!
    First: I get to the movie theater at least 20 minutes before a movie starts just to get the seat I want. And I do not move for the person that comes in late. I picked that seat for comfort and ability to see the screen without a problem. So do not feel compelled to moved.
    2nd: Cruising is awesome! The food sometimes is sub par but there are so many options to choose from you find just the right thing! After I get my sea legs… and I’m normally wearing 4 inch platforms… I hardly notice I’m on a ship! Sure there have been times that the weather caused rough seas but all the fun and memories just override it all.
    3rd: I love Disney World!!! I rank it right up there with cruising!!! All the things that can go wrong with a vacay COULD happen on any trip. Do not fear the cruise!

  3. Isn’t it nice when you’re on the receiving end of unexpected kindness? It always catches me by surprise, and I should do it for others more often!
    Glad to hear you had a great time, even if the slide was broken.

    And, as always, thank you for the Tuesday morning eye candy 🙂

  4. I had to go down and read about you getting harassed at the theatre. That’s HORRIBLE! People are so shallow. Throwing popcorn? Seriously?

    I love that you were the recipient of a random act of kindness by a stranger. That was nice!

    I contribute to MADD and Saint Judes. I could do locks of love but I’m scared. I know I’d miss my hair.

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