I should be grading papers but I can’t convince myself to read one. more. childhood obesity paper. I resign myself to the fact that the extra job pays bills and bills are a necessarily evil.

But I don’t like it. Luckily, I have a Dunkin Donuts iced latte and my Jimmy Buffet playlist and the thirty minutes I allot for something *other* than mind-numbing work.

I feel really off-kilter this week. The trees left a strange emptiness in my yard that, once the grass grows back thick and full, will look great. But I can’t help but feel like I lost something. The stump grinder comes today and the logging company too, to remove the huge pieces of tree left behind. On Friday, our new A/C is FINALLY being installed. So many changes at once! Maybe that is why I’m in this funk. The weather has also been wet and gloomy and I do not take well to days at a time with little to no sunshine. It gets to me in this primal way; I am depressed but don’t realize it until moments like 7:43 PM last night. I went to Publix right after Isaac went to bed – because I needed dinner for tonight and an escape; the kids were so whiny! – and as I trudged across my mutilated yard and the sky was a sad grayish blaahh, I knew it was a combination of changes, bad weather, and all the upcoming stuff. Birthday party and baby shower back to back on Saturday; must buy gifts. Long run on Sunday. Ash leaves Monday for his conference. We meet him mid-week and then? Vacation! So why am I so stressed? Could be the packing or the four hours alone in a car with the kids at night. Could be the fact that I still have so much grading to do this week, then as soon as we return from vacation, there will be more grading. I should stop complaining; at least I have the opportunity to work.

Well, my time is almost up and it’s time to buckle down again. Papers, papers, prep for class. Student conference. Class. A quick lunch. Papers. One quick game of Solitaire Blitz. Check email. Eat yogurt. Papers. Papers. 4:30? I’m out!

One thought on “Grind

  1. That blah time just before vacation–when your head has headed out to the beach without you and left you behind to deal with everything. Hopefully the next few days go by quickly.

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