Writer’s Workshop: To-do List

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop weekly prompt!

1.) Ten To-Dos in June. (inspired by Denise)

Oh man, you guys, I have so MUCH to do this month! Let’s get down to it, shall we?

  1. Move masses of mulch. Doesn’t that sound thrilling? After you have ten stumps ground, there’s a literal ton of mulch so we need to collect and then deposit it in various places throughout the yard.
  2.  Read a book! I’m normally in the midst of something at all times but lately, I haven’t read a single thing. I am hoping that next week during our little vacation, I’ll be able to download something and read by the pool.
  3. Touch up this pedicure. Small goal but the day after I got my last one, I wore closed-toed shoes to dinner and jacked up my big toes. Argh!
  4. Amp up my mileage. Technically, I think I begin training for my marathon on July 23rd but before then, I need to be doing 8-9 mile longs and be at least to four weekly runs. Le sigh.
  5. Finish up this summer course. My students are doing well but I think it’s going to be a race to the finish because they’re stressed and want it to be over. Hey guys, ME TOO.
  6. Have Todd’s tooth removed. I’m sure he won’t like it but that sucker’s gotta come out.
  7. Get Elliot riding without training wheels. He’s pretty close!
  8. Buy Isaac a pair of shoes. The poor boy has all hand-me-downs and they have holes! I am thinking about these:
  9. Work on reseeding my grass and getting it back to semi-normal. Those tree guys did a good job but still jacked it up a little.
  10. RELAX. I have been super stressed with all this home repair junk and all the other crazy unexpected expenses. I want to find some sort of peace here in June.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: To-do List

  1. Reading is always on my list of to-dos. I don’t always get the time, but it’s there.
    We need to do something with our excuse for grass. It’s pretty sad this year.

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