Weekend recap + MMMM – Wedding edition?

Well, I can’t complain; my weekend was not bad at all. It started – really – around two or so Friday afternoon when I drove to Elliot’s new elementary school and got him registered for kindergarten. It was more paperwork than expected but I suppose you have to do all those legal-type things. My favorite sheet was the one where I testified that my child didn’t have a criminal record. Geez. It’s ONLY an elementary school! I am hoping that form was for all Leon County schools. After that, I took a brief nap then got the kids, because it was supposed to be my half-day with Ash but I have to save my leave for our June vacation. So he went to a movie with his friend. Got the kids, got them fed, then around 6:30, our babysitter showed up and Ash and I headed down the road a piece for my new tattoo. (I will unveil this tomorrow for Random Tuesday.)

I’m not gonna lie: it did hurt some. But nothing awful. I didn’t have tears. Took longer than I expected but it turned out nice. I kind of hate the healing process; it’s like I’m pregnant again, having to lay on my side in bed. I think I probably could have slept on my back but I was a little paranoid I’d mess it up, even with the covering. Healing up nicely now and, luckily, the guy said I should be good to go swimming in a couple, which is good since we’ll be chillaxing in a gigantic Disney pool around then.

The rest of the weekend was pretty darn good. The kids played in the pool both afternoons and since it was really hot, Ash and I sipped on these sweet frozen margaritas we found in the store:

I’m typically an on the rocks type girl but the slushie ones were good for the sunny day and we enjoyed our time off work. With all those things I mentioned last week that have stressed us out (dog tooth, TREES) I needed the time to sit back and not think. And that’s about it for the weekend. We did some grocery shopping and I managed to clean a little bit and do laundry; all those basic homeowner things. Today, Ash is meeting the tree service around 9 and they’ll begin removing 10 of the 15 trees we have on our property. I like living in a pretty wooded neighborhood but 15 trees that make it near impossible to grow grass is just a wee bit too many. We’ve been wanting to thin out since we moved in seven years ago; it’s about time!



This week’s theme is songs you typically hear at weddings. I’m going to pick one I love and one I hate.I was listening to the radio and this song came on, and the DJ said this is a popular weddings song. Um, listen to it: it’s awful!

The second one is a song I chose for my wedding, not even knowing it was a typical wedding tune. I first heard it in Pleasantille.

5 thoughts on “Weekend recap + MMMM – Wedding edition?

  1. Etta James’ At Last is a real lovely song. I like the slow seductives of this tune – great wedding song pick! It’s summer…well, not officially, but it sure does feel like it, doesn’t it? Thanks for dancing with us. It’s always great fun to have you aboard the Love Train!

  2. Totally love Meatloaf all of his songs are totally cool. Man, he’s so young there, and as far as Etta James she is just the coolest of the cools. She has gone down in history for contribution to the music world. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us.

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