Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Three days slips away


Seriously Shawn

To be honest, I probably could have blogged yesterday but the three day weekend went by ::snap:: like that.

  • Three day weekends are always good until that third day and then the kids feel like their routine is out of whack and go all wonky on me. This time, however, the first day was the weird one. Neither kid was very good on Saturday.
  • But we recovered just fine and Sunday and Monday included lots of chillin’ out, pool-time, and eating. I think we ate all weekend long.
  • Unfortunately, this has been the weekend of unexpected costs. For starters, my oldest dog needs to have a tooth removed because it’s cracked. Secondly, a tree we were planning to have taken down later this summer has to come out in 30 days because the city cited us for it being dead, which only happened a little while ago because it was apparently struck by lightning. Now, we’re having our A/C replaced – as I have mentioned –ย  so we’re already spending a lot right now. Now is not the time for things to randomly appear!
  • This made me feel VERY guilty about the KJP bracelet I bought on Thursday. Dammit, just when I think I can safely blow a little cash, SOMETHING comes up. Fate? Coincidence? Pure bad luck?
  • I think maybe it’s a sign: be better with your money, keep holding out, don’t spend for fun. I’ve been doing it for so long now, what’s a little while longer?
  • What’s your major splurge? I know we probably all struggle with money (well, the majority of us probably do) but where do you not hold back? I really want to know!
  • Ok, this one was short but I have a million and one things to accomplish today. I offer you two bits of Man Candy today: one for the masses and then one by special request. Impulsive Addict, it’s artsy but it’ll do. Perhaps next week I’ll go whole hog for ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Tobias Sorensen, a model famous for his facial scar. He’s oh-so manly, in my opinion.

And a sort of artsy nude under the cut. You’re welcome!

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Three days slips away

  1. Woo hoo on the man candy!
    My splurge is books. I keep up with my favorite authors and thank goodness for the free offerings on Kindle–they let me get new books without breaking the bank.

  2. My splurge is books and movies – buying DVD’s or going out to the theatre. Oh, and eating out. I love to eat at restaurants. Doesn’t matter how often I tell myself I can’t spend anymore, I just can’t seem to resist the boxes from Amazon, or the big screen!

    Holy COW I was not expecting that kind of Man Candy!! WOOOOOOO!!!

  3. Did you post that nude one just for me? I’m all kinds of hot and bothered and my panties may combust at any given moment.

    Hold on. I need to scroll back up.

    Ok. That shiz is HOT HOT HOT! Thank you!

    Now I have no idea what I was going to say about all the bad luck….

  4. Oh my! Nice tattoo! That was a nice break for my eyes…

    Sorry about the expenses popping up. I think that women all feel guilty when we buy things for ourselves, but the way I see it, if Mama is happy, the rest of the house is happy.

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