Friday Confessional – What?


I confess… This summer teaching schedule is kicking my ass. Mostly, though, because I am keeping up and doing everything I mean to with these students. Some semester, I let stuff slide because we’re all busy or other dumb reasons. But these kids are going to learn how to write a good research paper if it kills me.

I confess… there has been on overabundance of hot guys on my tumblr dash this week and it reminds me that, sometimes, I’d rather spend my days scrolling through nonsense and hot dudes than do work. Alas, work is always there, still waiting.

I confess…Speaking of work, I still have papers to grade today. Sadly.

I confess…. I have been stalking my soon-to-be tattoo artist on Instagram and every time he posts a new piece of work, I get a wee bit more excited. Next Friday, people!

I confess… I got a paycheck today and I really just want to go shopping without guilt. I have actually yet to accomplish this… ever. I wish I could walk up in the mall and just buy things I wanted without thinking,  “should I really do this?”

I confess… I am itching to see The Avengers again. Tumblr is totally suckering me into shipping Clint/Natasha (oh, sorry, Hawkeye and Black Widow) and, well, it was a good movie regardless.

Well, that’s it for this week. Confess away!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – What?

  1. We really should try and get to the movies, but time and money always get away from us.
    We are playing hooky from work today. A camping we are going.

  2. I thought for sure (and was secretly hoping) that Jude would be begging me to take him to The Avengers. But for some reason, he didn’t want to. Maybe he thinks it’s scary? Maybe I’ll have to head there on my own.

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