Writing Prompts – My new fave Thursday meme

Mama’s Losin’ It has an awesome writing prompt game she plays. I chose:

4.) Share a picture that you think captures Spring for your family this year.

The kids shuffle out of the car and run fast as their little bodies can propel them into the woods that surround Tom Brown park, a vast expanse of undeveloped land smack in the middle of a relatively urban area. We forgo walking/general use trails to navigate harder mountain bike trails. I am sure that *most* of their landscape is natural but I can tell that the parks and rec people have purposely put a few more obstacles there. This makes it even more exciting, since we don’t actually live in a mountainous area perfect for hiking.

The excitement of the unknown – animals or bugs we may see – spurs them and even though Isaac is little and wants to be held at one point, they both love being outside and exploring and the change of pace out here in the sprightly bright sun that peeks through clearings and paints the tree leaves in splashes of gold and honey.

We come upon a rest stop upon the Cadillac trail that overlooks a valley, now crisp and brown from the past “winter”. In the foreground are the train tracks that did once carry Amtrak passengers. Elliot is prompted to ask a million questions about trains; I keep hoping one will come along but I know that the freight cars only pass through here in the early morning or late night hours. I know because I hear their whistle as I’m drifting off to sleep. Sounds carries differently at night.

We spend maybe an hour wandering about the trails, only seeing a few other people, then head back towards the big playground that has rubber stuff and squishy kid-fall-proof ground. The dichotomy is painfully obvious to me but the kids roll with everything, take it as it comes. And appreciate just being free.

I appreciated the time we spent not being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

3 thoughts on “Writing Prompts – My new fave Thursday meme

  1. That sounds like a great park! What a great way to spend some time with your kids. I’ll have to scout around my area and see if there’s someplace similar. My oldest 2 would love something like that.

  2. That picture says it all. Nothing better than rediscovering nature after a long, hard winter. In a way, staying close to the soil keeps us real.

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