WWTK – Really Random Stuff


Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

{1} Tell us about your job/daily routine.

Oh man, ok. I wake around 5:45, get the kids all ready for school then drive to FSU’s campus where I am a program admin for First year Comp in the English department. My job is kind of hard to explain; I deal with the grad TAs who teach and then freshmen as well. It’s one of those jobs where, depending on the time of the semester, I am either really busy or really NOT. So, I also teach a class here. Normally it’s a 50 minute MWF class but right now, I am teaching summer session so it’s Monday – Thursday for 1.5 hours each day. In between, I also grade papers online.
{2} What is your favorite place in your home to relax? (bonus points for a pic)

If no one is home, I’ll go into Isaac’s room (which has been the baby room since 2006) and sit in this big comfy chair. The below pic is of me journaling there when pregnant with Elliot. I think I was probably 8 months along in that shot.

{3} Summer cool treat…popsicle or icecream?

Mmmm… popsicles. I do love ice cream but if it’s a super hot day and the kids are outside playing in the pool or sprinkler, there’s nothing like a nice fruity popsicle. (Other than beer, of course.)

{4} Be sweet to yourself, list 3 things you LIKE about YOU!

That I DO like? Ok ok, I have some seriously killer calves, I like that once I get to talking to someone, I think I could discuss just about anything and I think people really like that about me, and I like my loyalty. I am loyal almost to a fault.

{5} If someone saw my __________ I would likely die of embarrassment!

I will say side of the bed, even though it’s not easy to embarrass me; I think all things build character. But you know how Monica has that one closet that Chandler found and it was stuffed full of junk? (I HOPE you get this Friends reference) My side of the bed is my Monica closet. I have shoes and a pile of magazines and clothes. Ash hates it! But we all get one place to slack off.

6 thoughts on “WWTK – Really Random Stuff

  1. Monica’s closet…i get that reference AND i have a big black armoire that my husband refers to as Monica’s Closet. there have been times that i would totally die if someone saw it but right now it is somewhat organized.

    when J was living with us i would take naps in her room on days she was visiting her BM and i was missing her.

    thanks for linking up!!

  2. I wish I had some killer calves…my calves could probably literally crush and “kill” anyone cause their so huge! Nothing beats a popsicle or freeze pop on a super hot day! I still loves my ice cream

  3. Sounds like you have quite the busy schedule teaching classes.
    I love the color of Isaac’s room! Also, that looks like one heck of a comfy chair.
    You have very great qualities 😀
    Stopping by from Mamarazzi’s meme
    Also, my wordpress lies 😀 My url is actually http://cbmommyhood.blogspot.com

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