MMMM + weekend overview

Oh man you guys, I drank too much this weekend. Usually, if we have people over, I’ll have one or two beers. On Friday, Ash and I took our half day and had burgers and beers (Ok, HE had margaritas) and saw 21 Jump Street (which was pretty freaking hilarious.) Then that night I went to an end-of-the-semester party and had two beers and a Jell-o shot. (Molly, they rocked!) And then Saturday, I met my friend for dinner before we did this pottery thing and she and I both had 2 for 1 margaritas, then I bought a beer to have while painting! OMG, I know it’s not like I overdid it but Sunday morning, I just felt bad for drinking; all those calories!

But all in all, good weekend. We got grocery shopping done and even though Saturday was crappy weather, Sunday was gorgeous. We had this cold front come through and it was about 67 and breezy. We had an informal birthday party at the playground for a friend of mine, then we spent most of the evening outside playing various things with the kids (frisbee, baseball, etc.) Also, Ash and I bought a tune-up kit for the mower – which was sounding pretty bad – and we made it better! It was funny; he and I always argue our way through parts of shared projects but once we get going, we work well together. And when we finished and it sounded like new when I fired it up, I think we both had a little celebratory moment.

It’s finals week on campus so it’s nice and quiet. Soon, things will be way calmer around here; I need some suggestions on shows readily available online and that you’d recommend. I’m thinking Mad Men, if it’s out there butI don’t know.



Ok, one hit wonders, ya’ll. Some of my favorite songs have been one hit wonders. Though, when I was looking through some lists, I found songs by bands who I actually like otherwise. I mean, Twisted Sister, Faith No More… both listed as having only one song. Not true! Maybe I just like obscure stuff. Oh well!

Autograph – Turn Up The Radio. Mirrors the style of glam/hair/arena rock of the 80s.

The song from Neverending Story as sung by Limahl, who was the lead singer of Kajagoogoo who sang… Too Shy:

and last but not least is Skee Lo – I wish, which was a favorite amongst my friends.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + weekend overview

  1. Most of these I couldn’t place, but Too Shy I do remember. Am I getting old? Nah, don’t think so. Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  2. I love the Neverending Story. The movie was great too. The kids always watch it. Shy Shy I knew too, but not the others. Great choices my friend thanks for sharing and joining this week. Hope you had fun too. Good luck on your finals. Hope to see you next week too. Oh, and I love Margaritas! Take me with next time. hehehe

  3. I drank lots of beer this weekend, but not really enough to feel even buzzed. Sunday was pretty nice for us too, the guys all got outside and enjoyed it, I baked.

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