Friday COnfessional – Ticking Time Bomb edition


I confess… I got so busy this week I shirked my blogging duties two days in a row. But you don’t mind, do you? No, my readers are very understanding. 🙂

I confess… I worked so much on my computer this week that my eyes have gone blurry and I have a raging headache… one that did not even go away after seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. It’s a tough one! It’s the result of way too much going on; at one point the other day I was looking directly at something and yet, I couldn’t see it. My husband was quite worried about me.

I confess… I have about six things to get done before I am outta here for the day. And I’m gonna eat a big ol’ cheeseburger and drink a beer and see a movie.

I confess… I am daydreaming about a day in the not too distant future where I am going to take some gift cards I received and a.) get a nice spa pedicure and then b.) drive down the road to get a hot stone massage. I’ll have to shell out a little extra money but it will be SO worth it.

I confess… This is the end; this is where my brain shuts down and I can no longer function. I wish you all a happy weekend. Until next week…

2 thoughts on “Friday COnfessional – Ticking Time Bomb edition

  1. I’m doing the same thing tonight – dinner out & a movie, and I can’t wait. It’s been a long & busy week. Enjoy your evening & weekend!

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