Just a Thursday Post

The weight of the extra job is getting to me. I can only do so much before I feel myself getting so aggravated I barely know how to cope with it. So instead, I open Pandora and play a game on Facebook. Admittedly, I have created a Jimmy Buffet station, which I find funny because I’m not – nor have I ever been – anything of a fan. But that style of music is the playlist for my daydreams of a beach vacation. I have already sought beachside hotels in New Smyrna beach, in hopes Ash and I can get away for a few days in late July.

Last summer, Daytona Beach:

I have been drinking a lot of beer lately. And by a lot I mean one every three or four days, which is a lot for me. I bought Shock Top Lemon Shandy and it is, by far, one of the best summer beers I have ever had. But then again, I am a sucker for lemon. I also tried Orange Blossom Cream Ale, which reminded me of kicking back on a dock somewhere, listening to lapping waves and aquatic birds, a light breeze and bright sun. I need to get away; I need a break.

The thing about my online job is that the grading comes in waves. For this particular section, I have two weeks in a row (grading times from Tuesday until Friday), then one week off, then one final week of doing 8-10 page research papers, which is intense and I barely have time to squeeze it into my life. My mouse hand aches; it locks up on me even after having carpal tunnel surgery. I lift handweights in my office to alleviate some of the pain and people walk in here thinking I am crazy. I have perhaps become too used to my office; it’s like a second home. Maybe this means I work too much.

Isaac turns two on Sunday. Elliot graduates from VPK in a little over a month. The dogs go to the Vet at the start of May, and I go to the doctor. My grandmother is back in the hospital after a minor fall. The semester ends in 8 days. I have to make an eye doctor appointment. I wish I could just turn off my brain and recover from all this STUFF, all this LIFE. Just for a minute, an hour. One day. I’ll settle for an hour in the tub, a beer, and some cheesy romance novel. It’ll do.

2 thoughts on “Just a Thursday Post

  1. Oh my…you sound toooo busy. I can sympathize. Work is getting so busy, and I’m the maid of honour in one of my co-worker’s upcoming wedding. As I look ahead to the month filled with showers, mixed parties, and bachelorette parties…I yearn for some time to sit in a tub, have a drink, and read or watch a movie. *sigh*

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