Friday Confessional


I confess… I am STILL not done with all my grading but I am gonna bang it out this morning.

I confess… I had a Green Goodness drink for dinner last night. And one hard-boiled egg. And two crackers with cheese. Classy!

I confess… the tick problem we had last summer doesn’t seem as bad *knock on wood* this year so far. But after the kids helped take out the trash today (on the side of the house with lots of grasses and trees) they each had one tick on them. And this irked me; eww.

I confess… I was overly nice to my gas company today after heir HUGE mistake yesterday. Ash kept getting calls from their corporate office but they were during work so he didn’t answer. So I called yesterday to find out the deal and they said we hadn’t paid. Oh, but I did. So I went into my bank account and lo and behold, the payment came out on the third! I had to then call the local office and FAX them a printout of my bank transaction. Turns out, they applied my payment TO THE WRONG ACCOUNT. I nearly lost it, since this isn’t the first time they’ve screwed something up. Someday, Suburban Propane, I will quit you. ::Shakes fist::

I confess… I’m kind of boring today but pushing through these last couple papers and still listening to Jimmy Buffet radio; I’m out people. I cannot even begin to form coherent sentences anymore. Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. Don’t you hate it when billing problems are on their end and they insist it’s you? And computers are supposed to make life easier.
    Have a good day and happy Friday the 13th.

  2. When I first started teaching, I was ALL ABOUT grading! I loved it–for all of 4 weeks. Then I hated it. I don’t miss it.

    We have ticks outside in our yard since it’s wooded back there. I hate the idea of Emma getting ticks on her!

    Happy Friday!

  3. One excellent thing about Los Angeles is that we don’t have the bug issue. We have very few insects at all. I remember as a kid in Texas – ticks, fire ants, scorpions, killer bees, cockroaches, tarantulas – it was constantly an adventure. Of course here, instead of bugs we have gang members and traffic. Sigh…

  4. It can be so frustrating when companies get your bills wrong. Our gas company has a horrible time of keeping everything straight, it gets so frustrating!
    Sorry about your tick problem, that definitely does not sound fun.
    Good luck grading the rest of your papers!

  5. Suburban Propane is my worst enemy…but not for reasons you might think. one of their HUGE trucks hit me about 10 yrs ago and totaled my car with their rear axle. they clipped me, spun me around and 4 other cars piled up hitting the drivers side of my car…FOUR crashes. every time a car joined the accident my driver’s side got crunched and i was trapped in my car for HOURS. it could have been way worse,i mean a full propane truck…imagine!! i am VERY lucky to be alive. Suburban Propane never even checked to see if i was ok, they are sooooo lucky i am not a litigious person

    1. ummm…long ass comment…sorry! i am glad i was able to get in and say something this week 🙂

      thanks for linking up!!

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