Gloomy weekend + MMMM

Man, what a rainy weekend. I did spend some time outside on Saturday when my friend, David, and I took a scenic tour through the smaller cities of the Florida panhandle but all in all, the weather was unfit for outdoor activities. Surprisingly, the kids didn’t get too frustrated by it. While I was gone, Ash took them to Toys R Us, and on Sunday while he was out, we went to Target.

So all in all, decent weekend. Though, my Friday – which was going so well – was ruined by the red light camera citation I got. I remember doing it. I remember exactly WHY I did it. I just forgot it was a camera monitored intersection. Le sigh. That put a bit of a damper on our otherwise pleasant half day. Ash and I had gone to Longhorn and then to various hobby shops, just to look. We ended up at Lofty Pursuits, where we got ice cream and bought a new snazzy frisbee, since we’ve been playing a lot lately. We were going to play that afternoon but opted for a nap instead. There is nothing like a mid-afternoon nap in a silent, still house without children. SO relaxing. But of course, I woke from my nap remembering I had a “traffic infraction” to pay, as it is not, technically, a ticket. But oh well. I haven’t had to pay like that since… maybe 2001 or ’02 and luckily, this doesn’t go on your license or affect insurance unless you fail to pay it by the date listed.

I am stoked for this week’s theme; I have a memory for old commercial jingles; they remind me of my childhood in the 80s (and ok, the last one is from about four years ago.)


Folgers had a great little tune.

Back when I thought Red Lobster was a good place to eat, you couldn’t beat their jingle.

This is someone’s compilation but that song right there is CLASSIC.


The Coors “Changing” ad ran during football season about 3-4 years ago and my husband and I loved it! I think it’s because we reached an age where we can relate; we like the ways things are now. Though, I do not drink Coors.

9 thoughts on “Gloomy weekend + MMMM

  1. When Nick and I got home Friday after work, my mom had gone to the store with both boys. The house was so quiet. We marveled at the silence. It lasted just long enough to appreciate, and not long enough to make me miss the little stinkers.

  2. Great commericals! Our weekend was pretty mellow. DH was recouping from implant surgery, which I was certain would leave him all whimped out. The truth of the matter is, he had very little pain and swelling which blew us both away. How miraculous is that? Totally, right? Have a great week!

  3. Oh, I loved the Folgers commercials, gosh, poor Folgers, with all the coffee expansion I think they got lost in the dust, but great commercials!

    And, I don’t how I forgot the Ford jingle, gosh that brought back my childhood fast!

  4. Folgers always has good commercials. Never saw the last two though. I think everyone was having fun with these today! Have a good one & thanks for playing along.

  5. I hope you have a non-rainy weekend this weekend – we’re going to be inundated with thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow.

    LOVED all your selections – Folgers is my all-time favorite, but the rest are awesome, too! 🙂

    Sorry about being to late to the party…I’m finally carving out some time after a hellacious week with Little Dude – I know you can empathize. 😉 Have a great weekend!

    Game On Santa with Bud Light, Captain Morgan, Skating Babies and a mini Darth

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