Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – So Very Much To Do edition


Seriously Shawn

GROAN. Why does today feel like the worst Monday of all Mondays? And it’s a Tuesday!

  • Damn, y’all. I am busy like a mofo and yet, here I am: blogging. I am a marvelous multi-tasker though and once I get started, I like the back and forth between different projects. Though, I do feel the stressing mounting up.
  • So, I am sure everyone’s talking about the Oscars. I watched the last hour or so. I was bored; didn’t really care who won but I didn’t see any of those movies so again, who cares? I don’t know if I am becoming some kind of weird cultural recluse but I have found my interest in these big social award shows waning.
  • My husband texted me yesterday morning and reminded me that Thin Mints had arrived. There’s a sleeve in the freezer that I’m fantasizing about right now. OM nom nom.
  • As mentioned yesterday, one of those highly illegal, I mean, irritating red light cameras caught me breaking the law a few weeks back and my fine/citation arrived in the mail. What a pain in my ass. I was saving money for something but not now; no no! I’ll just send it off to Colorado or wherever it is they sent it from. I can’t argue it; I most definitely did wrong. But still. It’s a lot of money for running a red light. /grumblegrumble.
  • I guess I’m pissed because that’s money I could have been putting towards my new tattoo. Damn.
  • I’m in a bad mood because of the weather; no two ways about it. I haven’t seen sun in at least five days and it’s starting to really affect me. I need a drink… and I don’t mean water.
  • I think the only cure for this mood is the below. Steve Gold has a way of looking (or not looking) at you that’s super seductive but he doesn’t know he’s doing it. That right there is prime Man Candy.

13 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – So Very Much To Do edition

  1. This week is super mild and our temperatures are so spring-like this week. Yesterday it hit the low 60s and the rest of the week is calling for warmer conditions. This is so crazy! I love it, but it’s crazy!

  2. Prim eye candy indeed!

    Sorry for the ticket that really sucks but keep looking at that eye candy I have a feeling he can make it better!

    Girl Scout cookies are the devil. End of story!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. The wacky weather has been driving me crazy – 61 and gorgeous yesterday, freezing this morning and 100% chance of snow and rain tomorrow. Mother Nature has totally lost it this year. πŸ˜‰

    Mmmmmm….thin mints! πŸ™‚

    Bummer you got busted by a red light camera – and thanks for reminding me, I don’t think the hubby paid the one he got in the mail from going too fast on the freeway near Cedar Rapids during our Christmas trip. πŸ™‚

    What kind of tattoo are you saving for? I want to get a dragonfly on the back of my neck. πŸ™‚

    Yummy man candy! πŸ™‚

    Random Ponder, Seeking an Antidote for an Anecdote, Naptime Interruptus, Impulsive Swap

  4. Aside from the typical hole in the man’s underware– is there another hole there? Like a rip? Do you see that!? Damn he’s a hottie!!! i don’t even know what your post is about but he is hot.

  5. That is some very nice man candy there.
    Our Thin Mints should be showing up soon. And yep, right into the freezer they go. That’s the only way to eat them.
    We have snow today. On top of ice. Ice skating anyone?

  6. HELLO STEVE! Holy moly.

    Ok, so I was going to address the red light ticket. I’ve never had one but that’s just because the red lights that I run don’t have camera’s. Although, as a mom, I rarely do that anymore but we live on a major highway that connects to Texas (south) and Kansas (North) and the truckers run those sons of bitches all the time. I kinda wish we had some cameras.

    I bought 2 things of girl scout cookies but no thin mints this year. And I don’t know why.

    Thanks for linking up with us! xoxo

  7. I don’t know Steve, but I love him. Ummmmmm….yeah, definite cure for a bad day…week…whatever ails you. I’m so “cured” that I fogot what I was going to say.

    Oh, right…sorry about the ticket biz. A tattoo is definitely a better way to spend money.

    Thin Mints in the freezer…the ONLY way to eat them!! OMG. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

  8. I stupidly ordered FOUR boxes of Thin Mints this year – I just kept getting hit up. I’m going to have to make Jimmy hide them from me! Sorry about the ticket, HATE that.

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