Friday Confessional – Lackadaisical


I confess… I am having a hard time coming up with confessions.

I confess… Spring Break seemed farther away until I realized it’s the week after next. That’s insane. Unfortunately for me, I don’t actually get to leave work during Spring Break. FSU employees still have to be here.

I confess… if the weather is nice that week, I will take a lunch hour each day and tan on my deck.

I confess… we didn’t even have much of a Winter but I am already wanting Spring and Summer. Sadly, this weekend is supposed to be cooler.

I confess… it’s tempting to get wasted at lunch today but since I am abstaining from meat, I might as well not drink either. (hashtag: GoodCatholic)

I confess… who am I kidding? I’m a good Catholic during Lent and on Christmas. Otherwise, I can’t seem to get my ass to a church.

I confess… I was lazy this week, though I did run and do kettlebells. I also slept on the couch and felt no motivation to read. But no, I did feel the compulsion to dust on Monday night. I got out the big guns and dusted all the mini blinds and ceiling fans. I guess that counts for something.

I confess… Soon as this class ends, I am outta here and don’t plan to check email or ANYTHING.

I confess… This was super boring today. I’m sorry!!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Lackadaisical

  1. I totally get you on the wild hair to clean thing. Sometimes that’s the only way windows get done, counters get deep cleaned, closets get gone through.
    It has been the longest week and I am so happy it’s Friday!

  2. Ha ha I had a hard time coming up with confessions also.
    I am not Catholic but I am giving up sodas for Lent….I am gonna try and give them up for longer!

  3. i have a friend who refers to himself as a recovering catholic…he and his wife, also raised catholic, start a new bad habit each lent. which kinda makes me laugh.

    thanks for linking up my friend!

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