Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Winter/Spring is coming for you! edition


Seriously Shawn

Man, these Tuesdays seem to come at me so fast; is it ALWAYS Tuesday or is my sense of time messed up?

  • So. Much. Mucus.  Everyone in my house has some kind of plague wherein our sinuses drain constantly. And yet, we all feel OK. Weird.
  • Like I said, yesterday, I wish not to discuss the outcome of the Superbowl. But I will say, the commercials were not very memorable. The Doritos slingshot baby may have been the funniest one.
  • On Sunday, Ash and I watched Gamer – the one with (gorgeous) Gerard Butler – and it was actually not bad. It would be very weird to live in a world where video games were played with living people. I don’t like that. But I could believe it.
  • Much in the same way I can believe a world like in Hunger Games. Ash says he’ll read it if I buy it (I had borrowed it). This surprises me but I think one look at the trailer and he was convinced.
  • I somehow managed to avoid coffee yesterday; that was a bad idea. My cup this morning is, subsequently, SO good.
  • I love how when I do a Google search for something having to do with FSU, it asks if I meant LSU. No, actually, I meant FSU. Thanks though, a-holes.
  • I’m having lunch today with someone I know solely through blogging but who lives in town. This will be out first Real life meeting! (I just hope he likes the place I picked; pressure is on.)
  • My favorite barista has returned to my coffee shop. He’d taken a break to do some kind of children’s literacy research program but had to start picking up shifts again. I am thrilled; he made the best lattes!
  • I keep remembering – yet not doing – that my Father-in-law arrives Friday. I MUST start cleaning!
  • Isaac woke up crying twice between three and four and so, I am seriously tired.
  • Elliot said something funny and insightful the other day; I don’t remember what I asked him about but it was something to the effect of. “Can you do that by yourself?” And his answer was, “Of course, mom. That’s what big kids do: they figure it out.” God, sometimes he can be so smart. And of course, other times he can be a sniveling little baby who whines about the tiniest speck of food on his clothes.
  • Ok, last one, a question: When the hell did it become a week off from Valentine’s Day? Where did January go? It went both painfully slow and way too fast.  And do you have plans for your significant other for V-Day? I’m thinking a nice dinner and possibly finding a chocolate lava cake for two and surprising him with that. We’ll see!

Man Candy today is Greg Kheel, a model who has been around a while but has a very distinctive look. In this photo, he’s disarming you with his eyes. Le sigh. Happy Tuesday indeed!

12 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Winter/Spring is coming for you! edition

  1. Tuesday nights are very busy here–swimming lessons and Archery shoots–so I think we are doing a valentines lunch and that’s about it. I did get a card for Nick, but other than that there is not much going on.

  2. January did go by way too fast, and I’m thinking February will be gone before I know it. Whenever I start scheduling this or that for the month,then I see the weeks slip by like water down a drain. Gone forever!

    For V’Day I’m planning to my significant other a red velvet cake, one of his favorites! Of course, I’ll handstamp a card for him. Hallmark can’t match the personal touch of a homemade card, right?

    1. I know what you mean about V Day just suddenly appearing. How did that happen? I haven’t done anything for it, and I definitely have to get some cards for Jude to hand out at school, and then make the kid sit down and fill them out. Ugh. Oh, and I guess I should do something for Jimmy too!

  3. I read your entire post and then ‘man candy’ and whoosh…I’m drawing a blank. Seriously.

    However, I agree about Valentines Day…which I’ll state for the record is probably my least favorite holiday…totally snuck up on me.

  4. I kept thinking all morning that it was Monday, then realized it’s actually Tuesday.

    It’s crazy that V-Day is so close – I guess I better get to some planning!! I picked up a couple of random gifts for the hubby and some fun stuff for the kidlets, but haven’t decided what to do about dinner yet.

    Elliot cracks me up!!

    Mmmmmm! Nice Man Candy! 🙂

  5. HOLY EYE CANDY! I forgot what I was going to say about this post! Wow.

    Ok, I had to scroll back up. I can not WAIT for Hunger Games to come out. I had my hubby read it and he read it faster than I did. I now have him reading The Maze Runner trilogy. Have you read that one? So good.

    I’m taking M to the casino this weekend and I rented a room. How romantic is that? HA! Let’s go spend some money and cry ourselves to sleep! lol

    Thanks for linking up, Sweets!

  6. That is one delicious man!

    I just saw a new trailer for the Hunger Games and I cannot wait to see it the day it comes out. I may even pull the girls from school for an ealry viewing! I’m either a really crappy Mom or a really cool Mom.

    Thanks for linking up and for provinding a vision sure to give me sweet dreams tonight!

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