WWTK Wednesday – No, I don’t move furnitre; that’s what beefy men are for

PhotobucketHosted by the above and Queso and Crazymama.

{1} What is for dinner tonight (bonus for sharing the recipe)?

To be perfectly honest, we’re probably either having hot dogs and baked beans or mac and cheese and green beans. We’re weird, ok?

{2} Share something you are currently looking forward to.

My father-in-law’s visit this weekend. It should be pretty fun and he hasn’t seen the kids in almost two years!

(last visit: right to left: My hubs, his dad’s wife, and his father)

{3} What are your thoughts on re-gifting?

Ok, I think it’s totally OK to do this. Most of the time, I don’t receive things I don’t want but in the event I end up with something of this sort, so long as it is unused – and if it perfectly fits the occasion – I will re-gift. Why not?
{4} How often do you rearrange your furniture?

Oh Lord, hardly ever. The only room I recently rearranged was Elliot’s. I moved the bed to another wall and opened up more play space.

(First pic is how his room began; in the second, the wall behind the boys is the right side wall from the first pic. The bed is now behind Ell, my oldest, there under the window.)
{5} Share a picture from your cellphone or camera.

I have a thing about taking pictures of the sky with my phone.

7 thoughts on “WWTK Wednesday – No, I don’t move furnitre; that’s what beefy men are for

  1. We recently rearranged Bruiser’s room. Had to fit the big boy bed in there.
    I would regift, if I got stuff I could, but currently I need everything I get.

  2. I like to take sunset pics on my phone. But only pink cotton candy ones, it’s been awhile but I totally get your like of sky pics.

    Re:your comment on my post, yeah it’ll be like that for me too, 7 kids, 2 adults packed in a suburban for a few days from az to ohio. And the scenic route, fun fun.

  3. That’s my kind of dinner. Easy and delicious. Well that goes for the mac and cheese. I’m not too much a fan of hot dogs – but whatever works that’s easy and that kids like!

    I love the sky picture. I’m a fan of sky pictures.

    Yay for family time! Especially when you don’t get to see each other too often!

  4. Nothin wrong with hot dogs or mac & cheese, that is a staple in my house 🙂
    That is a GORGEOUS picture of the sky. I need to stop & take more pics again. I used to be so good about it, but lately I have really slacked!

  5. One year, my work did a Secret Santa and I received a giant set of Shampoo and Conditioner (from a Russian co-worker) that I didn’t like so my husband had a Secret Santa later that week and worked with all women so I gave it to him to regift. He said the reaction was kinda puzzled, because who gifts Shampoo and Conditioner, I mean really that is kinda odd, especially in such large quantities. I got a really good laugh out of that.

  6. Well, if eating hot dogs and beans for dinner is weird, then I’m weird too! My kids LOVE hot dogs and beans!

    I take pics of the clouds too. I don’t know why but it fascinates me!

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