Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Great; Sick edition

Oh God, blog obligations. I almost forgot. It’s because my brain is stuffed with cotton balls and marshmallows. Or so it feels like.


Seriously Shawn

  • I got an oil change on Friday and man, I just love the feeling of knowing my car is all well and good. I drove junkers for years and that constant state of worry that it could die ANY SECOND was crap. My car may be 5 years old now but it’s a hell of a lot better than my old ones.
  • I guess the reason I was battling such malaise yesterday was that I am now sick. Feels like a cold and I tell you, I have zero interest in doing work or going to my son’s field trip this morning. Ugh. But I have to.
  • Why couldn’t I have gotten sick last week, when I had far less work to do?
  • Oh, because life isn’t like that, is it? No no, it waits until you’re totally overwhelmed and have NO TIME to be sick… and then it breaks down on you.
  • The weird thing is that the sickness is making me really hungry. Starving. I just had a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit (from home, of course) and my stomach is still growling.
  • I think the yo-yo weather is the reason for my sickness. It had gotten really nice lately – like 50s and low 70s – and then it started doing this really dumb 40 degree swing crap. 30s in the AM, 75 by lunch. WTF, Mother Nature? Why you gotta be such a bitch?
  • As you can tell, this illness is making me testy. Rather punchy. And I get to spend all morning with 20 3 and 4 year olds at the capitol. Oh, can you feel my excitement? It’s just brimming, I tell you. (Largest eye roll you have EVER seen.)
  • All I want to do is go home and read. I found this new author a while ago (ok, new to ME) and she writes really great romances (ok, some of them are pretty steamy) but one series is set in a fictional town in Colorado and the people there are all so funky It’s really quite charming. Oh but anyway, two books from the one I am about to finish, one of the characters is an ex-Russian mobster. And I’m kind of excited about it. I don’t know why. This is relevant because:

Andrey Zakharov, Russian model. And this photo is hot. Just sayin’. Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Random (Talk To Us) Tuesday – Great; Sick edition

  1. OK, so now I’m all curious as to the author you’re reading. Do share.
    It sucks to be sick, even worse when you have to go on a little kid field trip. Hopefully the morning will pass quickly.

  2. Man, I cannot imagine being sick and having to go on a field trip with a bunch of toddlers. I would have a conniption fit. Hope you can survive and get the rest you need!

  3. LOVE the new header and look around here. Good for you. So sorry about the cold. Nothing worse. And I agree about the yo-yo weather thing. I don’t know if this theory is scientifically sound, but it seems like every time it goes back and forth like that, everybody comes down with something.

  4. You left me hanging on the book! Who’s this author and send me some titles of such steamy scenes!

    Mother Nature is being a bitch to me too. The temps are crazy down here! No wonder everyone is walking around sick. MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY!!

    Thanks for always linking up! We appreciate it!

  5. Being sick on a field trip with 20 toddlers? No way could I manage that. And yeah, Mother Nature is a bitch – what’s up with the yo-yo weather? It’s no wonder I still haven’t gotten rid of my winter cold from over a month ago. Surprised I haven’t yet coughed up a lung.

    So….who’s this author? I need to find some good reading material. 😉

    YUMMY man-candy. That is all.

    Farewell Chuck, and a Busy Week with a Psycho Schedule leads to a Foggy Brain

  6. I’ve been sick for over a week and I am OVER IT! So sadly, I know how you feel.

    We have had a very mild winter here as well but it;s been crazy. Heat one day AC The next, it’s no wonder we’re all sick.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

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