MMMM + Weekend dawdlings

Yes, my friends, we dawdled this weekend. Sure, I got some cleaning done because my wonderful husband kindly removed the kids from the house for an hour – and we made a Costco run – but other than that, we spent time outside and we watched movies and we drank margaritas. We have a grand life, I tell you. Ash and I bawled our eyes out while watching Hook, which I used to love as a kid but see in a whole new light as a parent. And Mr. Popper’s Penguins, though I had no interest in it at all, was actually pretty awesome, and reminded us how important family s above all else.

I have quite a bit of work this week and I think I may be getting sick… but I’m going to push through it. Happy Monday!


This week’s theme is Broadway tunes, which I admit to absolutely loving!

Here is a revival of Camelot on Broadway, complete with Richard Harris, who was THE best King Arthur.

The below is not Broadway but royal theater. I chose it because A.) I love Oklahoma and b.) It was Hugh Jackman!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend dawdlings

  1. Sounds like a nice weekend and I hope you fend off being sick.

    Loved your choices. I have never seen Camelot and would love too. I love Oklahoma but have never seen Hugh Jackman and wow, he is too much fun to look at LOL

  2. Great choices… nobody else picked these songs and I just LOVED seeing Huge Jackman. SWOON!!!
    Thanks for always playing along, we appreciate your support.
    Can’t wait for your unique picks next Monday, have a great week.

  3. Oklahoma oh my gosh I forgot all about that one. Great choice girlfriend. Great choices. Can’t say I ever seen the first one though. Have a great week & see you next Monday! woo hoo!

  4. Thanks for swinging by yesterday! I’m running a day late, but my excuse is a good one. Our youngest daughter got married yesterday thus my attention was elsewhere, as you can see. Anyhow back to your Broadway Musical picks!

    I must admit, I’m total idiot when it comes to Broadway Musicals. Some I know by reputation only and others I’m somewhat familiar with because I’ve seen movie version of it. Okalahoma was put on at the highschool I attended my senior year, but I missed seeing it. To bad cause I head it was good. I had no clue Hugh Jackman had a role in a theartrical flick. It’s surprising what I’m learning.

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