Ohh, I see what you did + MMMM

WordPress seems to have changed their editing layout. (maybe I am doing something wrong?) It looks like they want more people to treat it like Tumblr or something with quick video or photo posts. I see how it is; we can’t handle long posts anymore. Our world has become only able to cope with Twitter-esque info. God that’s sad.

Anywho, despite the changes to my bloggy dashboard, I feel pretty good today. Got in bed around 11 PM and probably drifted off by 11:30. Woke up with the alarm at almost six and actually felt rested! It’s a miracle! This week is all conferences with my class so more work and less work, depending on how you look at it. I just have to stay afloat; never allow work to drag me under. Le sigh. But – clap clap – no whining here today because it’s Monday and a freebie week!


I couldn’t think of any good songs but I heard this one this morning and had wonderful memories of being in middle school and hearing this one every time I rode the Himalaya at the carnival.

Get it, GnR, you will always be one of my favorite bands.

6 thoughts on “Ohh, I see what you did + MMMM

  1. A precious night’s sleep is worth it’s weight in gold, huh? Guns N Roses are a bit too out there for, but I enjoy their music in small measure. lol. I love the variety of musical flavors found here on 4M, though. Thanks for sharing your selection!

  2. Speaking of late & sleep I think it’s time for me. I was so busy all day today cuz we’re fixing up the house that I didn’t get a chance, but I will finish up in the morn for now I must say I was never much of a fan of guns & roses, but this is a good choice. Way ta go! See ya next week… here’s hopin’!

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