Friday Confessional – It IS good for the soul, I promise

I confess… I spent ten dollars on breakfast today: smoothie with energizer and a ham, egg, and cheese sammie. I spent too much.

I confess…I saved some work until the last minute and I am gonna be BUSY today. But it’s my own fault.

I confess… I got all ready to take a long hot bath last night – because I needed to rest my eyes – no kidding; they went blurry from all my work on the computer yesterday afternoon – but then, I only sat in the tub for 20 minutes. I couldn’t find a way to calm my mind. All I could think about was doing more work, be it housework or homework.

I confess…I’m doing a Girl’s Night Out at some place where you BYOB and the they give you introductions on painting. Each person leaves with a finished canvas. It sounds kind of cheesy but it might be fun!

I confess… I am not really in the mood to go out tonight though. Not feeling very social today.

I confess… Kettlebells kicked my ass! I did a round of youtube videos for about 20 minutes Tuesday night. My legs hurt on Wednesday but not terribly so I ran 3 miles. Then on Thursday? I could barely walk down stairs and the toilet hover at work? Nigh impossible!

I confess… I got off-topic talking to one of the TAs and now I am behind on work! Which means, I’m out! Have a good weekend.


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