Over and out

I have wrapped everything I can wrap that isn’t a Santa gift. (Or that hasn’t come; still waiting on something for Ash; feeling it may not get here in time.) I have semi-cleaned my house but have some time before my parents arrive tomorrow. I have a 6 mile run this afternoon but once that’s done, I can relax for a day. (Before my 12 miler on Saturday; ugh.) I am very ready for it to just BE Christmas, but at the same time, want to savor a little more of it, just a little longer. I love my living room by the light of the tree and my North Pole Village. In some ways, I like that Tallahassee isn’t really cold for Christmas because I get the wintery feeling for the holiday but then the cold continues into the next three months. It draws out the season for me.

It’s foggy today and it rained all day yesterday but I feel pretty good. I don’t plan to blog much until maybe next week. I think my parents leave either Monday or Tuesday and then it’s just me and the kids aaalll week long. Luckily, I have some tentative plans made. Maybe the Junior Museum with a friend and her kids. Maybe the playground with another friend and her kids. I hope the kids sleep a lot; as in, sleep in and nap well. Last night was a weird night. Ash and I got to bed pretty early – 11 or so – but Elliot woke up at maybe 1:30 calling for me but was still basically asleep. I could swear it was at least 4 or 5 at that point, but no. Then he woke again at 4. And at that point, I was totally awake. Sigh. I need this break something fierce, I tell you.

I apologize for anyone who has been diligently blogging away and I have not commented. I am just not keeping up with the normal stuff anymore… these days… this week. It’s been hard to keep up. I am sure you’re feeling that too. It’s a crazy time of year. I enjoy it though, I ‘d be lying if I didn’t say I liked the last minute rush of getting gifts and making preparations for meals and family and time together.

SO, I wish all my readers the happiest of holidays and I shall see you on the flip side of the 25th. Have a great week!

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