Random Tuesday – Post-Holiday Come-Down


I bet we’re (almost) all in the same boat: over the holiday but still clinging to some of those good feelings left over from it. Let’s see what kind of random I can pull out here.

  • I am blogging from my bed, which is rare for me. I really prefer to be in my quiet office at work, where I can think clearly. But the boys are being good… so far.
  • They are off school/daycare this week and so am I. This will be our time to bond. And a mental and physical challenge for me as well. (SAHMs, I don’t know how you do it.)
  • We had a small tree fall over on the other side of our back fence. Which is weird but I think it was Santa’s erratic driving. LOL.
  • On Saturday, Ash and I ran together, which we rarely do. But he only had to go 15 and I was slated to run 12. We went to the Saint Marks Trail because it’s nice and flat and though it was a hard run, I had fun, strangely enough. Except I tucked my Gu packet into my waistband and it chewed into my flesh; I have a weird bruise/missing skin patch now.
  • Christmas was pretty amazing. The kids were so overjoyed by everything and had a blast opening gifts. And they were happy to see us open things, which is nice to see.
  • We chose to go to church Saturday evening at 8. I went with my parents and took Elliot while Ash stayed home and put Isaac to bed and wrapped gifts. Ell was exceedingly well-behaved, considering we don’t ever take him to church. It was perfect.
  • On Sunday afternoon, once all the Christmas chaos died down, my neighbour – the one we don’t like because they feed the stray cats and don’t wave or take care of their house – came over and dropped off a big bags of fruit and pecans. He said he just wanted to interact more with his neighbours.  It was truly a random act of kindness.
  • Did you get good loot for Christmas? I got some neat things like socks and books but also, a Forerunner 405 (running watch) and a bunch of gift cards. My parents also got us a Costco membership but at the moment, it’s lost. It was in a 4×5 manilla envelope and we cannot find it anywhere. Yesterday we went through all the wrapping paper in trash bags and today, I have to keep looking. Luckily, we really haven’t thrown anything out. My mom was convinced she left it at home but when they got back last night, it was not there. It’s a mystery!
  • I had a great time with my parents here but – as always – we reached a limit right about the 2.5 day mark. I was mad that Ash went off to run and hadn’t washed dishes and Ell was acting like a little obnoxious brat and my mom wanted to help with stuff and I told her I got it and we all blew up. Then it was fine again, soon as we all calmed down. But I tell you, that’s the amount of time it takes.
  • I have plans this week for me and the kids but for today, it is raining. So today’s plan includes walking around Target and the mall. And maybe we’ll get some frozen yogurt. 🙂

Ok people, if you’re off work this week, enjoy it. And if you’re not, well, enjoy that too. 🙂 Oh! almost forgot Man Candy. What would Tuesday be with out it? Caue Amaral; know nothing about him except the tats and piercings are hot.

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Post-Holiday Come-Down

  1. Staying home with the wee ones is tough, man. I don’t know how I do it, and I’ve been at it for roughly five years.

    Sounds like you got some good stuff for Christmas. That Costco membership is going to come in handy for sure!

    Happy post Christmas! 🙂

  2. I stayed home for almost 11 years and almost went insane. LOL. Now that I’m working full time, I really enjoy my time AWAY from her. LOL. She’s off school now until Jan 9th. I may need a white jacked and really good drugs by the time that day comes…

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