Friday Confessional – Keep it moving, people

PhotobucketI confess… I usually write this post on Thursday afternoons but I have been super busy this week.

I confess… that I wasn’t quite ready for this cold weather. Went to bed with it being 74 in the house, woke up to 69 and a cold bathroom.

I confess… I have zero plans for the weekend. And I kinda like it.

I confess… I was not exactly easy to be around yesterday evening. I was in a bad/bitchy mood.

I confess… I am super looking forward to my half day. We’re seeing Three Musketeers! Truly a movie where I can turn off my brain for a while.

I confess… I couldn’t sleep last night because I started thinking about things I have seen or done just once in my life. Look for a post about that soon.

I confess… I have my next four paychecks budgeted out in blue ink on a folded sheet of newsprint that Elliot painted on.

I confess… I am not happy that my husband and I play against each other this week in Fantasy football. How bad is it that I hope he wins just because he gets all grumpy when he loses?

I confess… I’m irritated that every time I get paid, there’s some extra thing I have to get and there isn’t any money left for something fun and frivolous. Oh well.

Ok, there you have it. I have to go teach class and get on with my life. What you be confessin’?

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Keep it moving, people

  1. weekends without plans are the bestest. i don’t see one in my near future and it kind of irritates me…even though i love the plans we have, i could use a little down time with no plans.

    i hate that my paycheck is already spent before i can really enjoy it…my income is suppose to be for the fun and frivolous, but with the current economy it all goes to bills. boo!

    thanks for linking up your confessions!

  2. We didn’t do much this weekend and it was heavenly. I like no plans sometimes!

    I’m ready for fall. It hasn’t really hit us yet.

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