Successful parties, sorostitutes, and MMMM

I have to say, I was pretty stressed out about Elliot’s party. Friday night, I could not concentrate and I was anxious. Even a bath with “relaxing bath foam” and calming music didn’t help my state of mind. Saturday morning, I just had to grab the bull by the horns and get stuff done. Five miles run by 8:30, call put in to my mom to let her know they could come over. She, my father and my aunt brought bagels and then we all started on our tasks. Ash went to pick up Ell’s new bike and get balloons. I went to Costco for snacks and drinks. My mom cleaned off the deck chairs. When we all met back at home, we set up the canopies, put out the coolers, inflated the bounce house/water slide (which they brought Friday evening) and put up Spider-Man decorations. My friend, Joanna, showed up at 1:45 because she so kindly picked up the cake for us and then everyone else began to arrive.

Let me just say, the party was a huge success. The kids loved the slide and the pool we had set up and we had pizza and cake and everyone just had fun. I am so glad it all came together; largely in part to my parents’ help but also, Ash planned really well. We didn’t open gifts with everyone there but at the end, when only his good friend, Peyton, remained. Both kids were exhausted afterwards but we decided to go out to Cabo’s for dinner anyway. I needed some real food, considering all I’d had was one piece of pizza and a slice of cake.

Sunday morning, Ash ran and didn’t care for breakfast so I took the kids to where my parents stayed (Aloft hotel) and then we all went out to Another Broken Egg, which is super tasty. The rest of Sunday was for relaxing. I was mentally and physically drained from all that activity. Oh, not to mention the 3.5 hours on Saturday night we were WITHOUT POWER. It was about quarter to 9 and Ash and I were settling in to watch some pre-season football and relax. We heard a pop and out went the power. Looking outside, it seemed as if we were the only ones without it. I called my neighbours to the left, who still had it and we went outside to meet others who were coming out of their homes. The people across the street and two houses down were out but the houses on either side of us were fine. Weird, right? Well, we heard a large truck around the corner so Ash trotted down there to see that a branch had fallen on a wire. Just the top one, which I guess explains the sporadic outage. He said the branch was on fire and a fire truck was just watching it burn. The weird thing is that it wasn’t even windy out. The branch just went.

Ash and I couldn’t figure out what to do so we ended up just lying down. I think that was about 10:30. Worst. Sleep. Ever. Around 11:30 Isaac woke up hot and crying and didn’t want to be held so I got him back to sleep somehow. I woke up somewhere between then and 12 thinking that I had been running the washer and it was  clothes for Ash’s morning run. So I stressed about that for an hour before drifting off and being woke up around 12:30 when it finally came back on. I then got up and finished laundry, checked on the boys, got the dogs situated and then finally fell back to sleep by 1:30. Ash’s alarm went off at 6:30. SIGH.

I did manage to catch up on sleep so here I am, Monday morning, with a gazillion emails to deal with. Also, it’s rush week so sorority girls are flooding the buildings to use the bathroom/get out of the heat. They have no common sense; they just hang out in the hallways, chatting it up like there’s no one in here WORKING. I HATE this week.


Monday’s Music Moves me (Hosted by Stacy and Xmas Dolly) has a school theme this week so here’s my choice:

Alice Cooper – The Great American Success Story. This is a great one!

5 thoughts on “Successful parties, sorostitutes, and MMMM

  1. I still say he looks like a raccoon. LOL Seen a lot of him today including me. LOL Thanks for playing along. Hope to to you next week too. Have a great day.

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