Confined by these walls, time, and heat

The cooler Fall temps that we’ve seen the last two days in the morning have made me restless. Already. They remind me that Autumn is just around the corner. And that means football and more walks with the kids/dogs, and more money, and leaves, but less mowing and more raking. It means the smell of Fall in the air all the time and the freedom to play outside without drenching your clothes within minutes. It means Halloween and a trip to the pumpkin patch; photos of the kids. It means my half-marathon is at the end of October. And that we’ll have to travel again for Thanksgiving. But I feel this sense of wide openness coming with the impending new season.

Summer seemed like it would last forever and now it is waning. I knew it the first night I was running around 8:20 and the sun was almost gone, whereas a few weeks ago, I would have had almost full light until quarter til nine. The lightning bugs are gone too. I don’t know if it’s not warm enough or if the mosquito sprayer trucks eliminated them as well.

I guess there’s something sad about summer coming to a close, just as Fall is a little sad because it signifies that the end of another year is approaching. That cliched statement, “All good things must come to an end” echoes in my head. Likewise, with Borders going out of business, I have been thinking a lot about that. Some companies have been around for upwards of 100 years.  I suppose I’ve known for a while that bookstores would go the way of the record store at some point. My  regret is that I may not get published before digital has totally taken over and people no longer relish in the feel of an actual bound tome in their hands. That realization kicked my ass into gear; I wrote some last night (on my new mini lap desk I got on super sale at Borders!)

The end of the year usually does this to me: makes me hurry up and try to accomplish a few more things. Maybe it’s good I am teaching, running a race, AND picking up some extra online work. I like being busy. I like being full of things to do and not worrying about other stuff; there’s no time to so I am good. I can continue to operate like that for a while and I do better that way.

Are you ready for the next season? What do you like/dislike about Fall?

4 thoughts on “Confined by these walls, time, and heat

  1. I think of myself as a “live in the now” kind of person – when people ask what my favourite season is, I have a hard time answering. I love them all. I’ve been soaking up summer as much as I can, and wanting it to last as long as possible, but after reading your description of “Fall”, it makes me yearn for it just a little. I think I’ll be ready for it soon… Everything you described just sounds so delicious. Apple pies. Coloured leaves. Cooler temperatures. Evening walks. Pumpkins. The local fair. Thanksgiving. Halloween. I look forward to it all…

  2. I think people are so scared of the impending “All Books are Digital” movement that they miss what the closing bookstore really means. People are still going to buy books for a long time. Look at Look at Amazon. The idea is that why should I drive 20-30 minutes (sometimes a lot less depending on where you live, but go with me for a sec) to a store and search around for what I want and then pay lots for it when I can just log on to amazon or half and get a used on in good condition for like 40 cents and have it shipped directly to my house?

    I think that the closing of bookstores is not as immediately indicative of the end of published physical books as the closing of record stores was of vinyl. Tapes and CDs were better than vinyl. More convenient. Essentially different. In the case of books you may still pay more for a digital book than a gently used real one, both still being the book you want as opposed to perhaps being able to pay less for a record, but no one is making what you want in record form.

    Watch the publishers. When they stop providing real books and make a full transition to digital, that’s the end. And honestly I don’t think that is going to happen in the near future. Give it five or ten years and then maybe, but you have time. 🙂

    Sorry, that was a long comment.

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