Random Tuesday – I have a smoothie and you don’t edition

I’m putting off my real work and writing this a day ahead of time. I like blogging better than work – for the most part.

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  • I am completely and totally over Summer. Like buh bye, move along, nice knowin’ ya. Now Fall, get yer ass in here.
  • Would you ever sell a body part for money? Like a kidney? I can’t say I haven’t considered it.
  • Pizza: best way to reheat?
  • We had a veggie tray for Ell’s party and some was left over. Me, thinking this was a great chance to be all healthy, brought some of it for lunch today, along with some cheese and crackers. Most unfulfilling lunch EVER. If I could, I’d go to Cracker Barrel right now and chow down on some chicken and dumplings. That sounds SO good.
  • Have you ever eaten Scrapple? It sounded good in theory but that shit was awful!
  • I’m on week three of training and here’s what sucks: goose poop on the sidewalk, gnat clouds around my head, and squeezing it into my evening. Here’s what’s good about it: totally suppresses my appetite, makes me feel skinnier, and there’s lot of shirtless guys running at the same time. LOL @ at myself  @ the last one. I’m a dork.
  • We’ve been watching “Bar Rescue” on Spike. It’s a pretty good show.
  • Elliot is almost 4; no, I cannot believe it.
  • I’m feeling SO unmotivated this week (so far).
  • You know I didn’t blog for four entire days? I blame the kid party. Which you can read all about here.
  • BTW, that above bullet where I talked about eating veggies? Worst food for running. My run yesterday was like torture!!

Ok, that’s all I have today except for this tasty treat: model Andrew Cooper, who is ridiculously All-America, eh?

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – I have a smoothie and you don’t edition

  1. Birthday parties….never. again. We had a big kid one at home one year for our son. Half the kids spoke english as a second language so they didn’t understand rules or much else (we lived in Germany at the time), they didn’t get the make your own concept (we did pizza and sundaes, seriously what kid doesn’t like to make a mess with cooking?)

    Disaster. From that moment on ALL parties have been at venues such as bowling alleys where they do everything and I don’t have to clean up squat.

    Evil mother? Yeah, shave my head and see the 666, my kids have matching ones 😉

    Happy RTT (Does that picture come in poster size??)

  2. I’m over summer, too. Often times, we save left-over pizza in the freezer and when I reheat it I just pop it in the oven on a low temp like 250 to 300 degrees for 10 minutes. This seems to work great! Veggies are good for you, but add some lean meat to your healthy eating habits. Protein helps you to fill fullier, which may keep you from over eating and will satisfy your hunger. =D

  3. I’ve found the oven is the best way to reheat–the microwave just makes it soggy.
    Good to hear you survived the party. We avoided a party for Turbo and Bruiser was too young for a real party. I’m going to put that off as long as possible.
    I do like the eye candy! All American for sure!

  4. What on earth is a scrapple?
    Never thought about selling any body parts… I wouldn’t want to part with any. Scratch that — my uterus can go right to hell.
    As for reheating pizza, I just toss it in the microwave.

    Happy Tuesday! 😀

  5. Of course I noticed the man cany’s clothes! I love Polo! 😉
    Your random is so completely random, I was laughing!
    We reheat pizza in the oven. We don’t wait for the oven to preheat…just turn on and throw the pizza in. It’s the best way to maintain crispy crust.
    Sorry – love the veggies and crackers and cheese………..hate running….NO MATTER WHAT!

  6. I say oven for reheating pizza. I hate soggy, which is what happens in the microwave. I don’t know where you live, but goose poop is pretty prolific on our sidewalks too, starting about now until spring. Yuck!

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