Happy List – Using naptime to my advantage

Let’s see… things that make my happy list… Why is this so difficult? Sigh. Apparently I’m going to have to think extra hard about this. ::Dives in::

Trail Running. Even though I felt depleted this morning during our run, I am loving the trails. It’s basically like cross-training because you’re dodging roots and going up and down and it’s fun. Also, I like getting out early in the morning and enjoying nature.

Off! Bug spray. The bugs are ridiculous this year! This spray has helped deter the mosquitoes really well. That gnats, on the other hand, don’t seem to mind dangerous chemicals. The gnats have been so bad this year it made the news!

Dunkin Donuts Lite Lattes. The last two weeks I ran trails, I stopped on the way home and got one of these. For 3 dollars, you get a size slightly larger than a Starbucks grande and it’s pretty tasty!

Clearance sandals @ Target.  Boys’ sizes fit me better so I picked up some replacement shoes for… 7 bucks! Hells yeah.

Party planning. Elliot’s party is in two weeks so after his nap today, he and I are sojourning to the party store to pick a theme and buy stuff for the goodie bags. I pretend to not like this sort of thing but the truth is, I love it!

True Blood. Episode six was Ah-mazing! This show, as bad as it is, never ceases to be entertaining. I’m loving it.

1 Girl, 5 Gays. This show is always on LOGO when Ash and I are getting in bed and I am totally hooked. In essence, one girl is asking a panel of gay guys 20 questions about relationships, etc. We’ve come to have our favorite guys now and it’s really interesting to see their answers. I’m slightly addicted.

Giveaways.  My books give away is something you should like too. 😉

Alright, there’s my list. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!


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