Friday Confessional – Have you been bad or good?

I confess… I ate about probably 500 calories worth of sweets at a picnic yesterday. Also, that was the last time. I begin half-marathon training on Monday and no more splurges like that. Sigh.

I confess… I’m not looking forward to the next 3 weeks. It’s between semesters and it means I actually have to work on my syllabus and weekly plans. I have been putting it off like whoa.

I confess… as broke as I am, I am going to buy a pair of sandals today because I left my favorite pair at my mom’s house. And even though she’s coming up in 15 days, I want to get new ones.

I confess… I want to call my grandparents to offer my sympathies because one of their relatives is in very poor health and, according to my mom, they’re really broken up about it. But I am putting off the call because I am too afraid to sit on the phone and listen to the depressing news.

I confess… as much as I love Country, I’ve been getting back into hair metal lately. Specifically, Cinderella. I think I might want to try to tailor my fall class around some kind of gender topic. Like gender, performance, and sensuality in 80s hair bands. Would YOU take that class??

I confess… I feel like my friend in the upstairs office has been getting a little too friendly with one of the other girls up there. Like, they’re better friends than me and her now. I know it sounds really childish but from outward appearances, they DO have more in common. It shouldn’t bother me but it does… a little.

I confess… that this is a shameless plug for my previous entry where I am giving away four paranormal paperbacks! I would love for lots of people to enter so it’ll be a good competition. đŸ™‚


Ok, that’s all I got. What are you confessing today?

10 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Have you been bad or good?

  1. Maybe not on the 80’s hair bands…but, on how the influence of women has changed throughout history! I’m all about subjects/topics like that!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  2. Take the easy way out and send a letter to your grandparents. You can express your sympathy and not get stuck on the phone.
    Hope the training goes well.

  3. Wow! Good for you on the training for 1/2 marathon. I’m hoping to get back to running. It’s been way too hot here to run outside so I’ve been cheating and running indoors. How can I train for a 5K or a 10K if I’m running indoors?!?

    I have a major sweet tooth too. I completely understand.

    I would totally put off that phone call too. I hate depressing news.

    Have a great weekend friend!

  4. WOOT WOOT a marathon. I couldn’t make it a block let alone run one of those. RUNNING is not my thing. But you go girl and have a great time with the training!
    Enjoyed your confession!

  5. I totally understand about not wanting to call and listen to depressing news, I’m not a fan of that myself.
    Good luck with the marathon training. You are more motivated than I.
    80’s metal ROCKS!!!!!

  6. Great confessions, as always. i am sorry about your office friend, that is a yucky feeling!! i hope things go back to better soon!

    thanks for linking up!!

  7. I really need to start running again! Maybe then I could get away with all the sweets I’ve been eating lately. I know what you mean about making that phone call. It is really hard when you know it’s nothing but bad news.

  8. Good luck with your training. I did a half marathon once and it felt really good to accomplish it. I would probably never do it again though! I prefer shorter distances.

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