Random Tuesday – Getting The Hell Out of Dodge edition


Time to get yer random on, folks. And then go and support the rebellion!

  • I don’t like censoring myself but feel like lately, I need to do so on my blog(s).
  • I can be no more specific; it’s just a feeling. But I also don’t feel like I should ever hold back, you know? We’re all entitled to our opinions.
  • There’s this little old lady who called us to donate this amazing collection of really old books and though her phone calls got slightly tiring, I am really glad I met her. She’s about 90 and part-senile but I kind of enjoyed our daily chats.
  • We’re leaving later for vacation and um… no, I am not really ready. Not just yet.
  • I amend that last one: I am totally ready for a vacation. I’m just not entirely packed and ready to drive four hours.
  • I just changed the wallpaper on my ipod to a beach scene. Getting in the mood!
  • In my head, I totally just started thinking in an Australian accent. Very weird!
  • I’m not entirely sure why all four of us are congested now. Is this some kind of karmic joke wherein we can’t have vacations/nice things?
  • I waited for ten minutes in the c heck out line at Borders and I feel terribly guilty for not being here to do it again. I mean, I LOVE books and feel like it’s my obligation to get everything I can out of their going out of business sale. Also, that is so sad! I loved browsing the book store and drinking a coffee. Sigh. All the very best things seem to end prematurely.
  • What is one thing you always make it a goal to do on vacation? Mine is to take a funky pic at anything cheesy that we do. Like, if we go out to the pier, I want to take one of those hokey self-pics. Or if we go to a biker bar… or anywhere else touristy. I also really want to eat at Crabby Joe’s.

I know it’s not a whole lot of random but I have a ton to do before the day is done. Blogging hiatus begins tomorrow. See you next Monday!!!

Oh… wait. You want Man Candy, don’t you? Well, as to not disappoint… here ya go:

Model Martin Pichler.

10 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Getting The Hell Out of Dodge edition

  1. I want to go on vacation. Maybe if I change my screensaver at work it will at least make me feel better! Have a fun vacation and I hope you don’t stay stopped up!

  2. When I go on vaca I love to eat out. I know that’s cheesey but I love to try knew restaurants that I don’t find where I live. Oh..and taking home a tshirt!

  3. It does suck how good things always seem to end prematurely.. 😦

    I also don’t like to censor myself although sometimes I feel the need to, just so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, it’s a sucky feeling.

    I hope you enjoy your vacation! 🙂

  4. Censoring yourself in your own space is such a pain. I don’t quite censor myself in terms of language and some of the weird things that go through my head(as you have seen lolz), but there are certain topics that I have to avoid for various reasons. At least there’s always allusion… 😉

    Enjoy your vacation — don’t let the congestion stand in your way!!!

  5. I’m with Julie – now I’m going to be thinking in an Australian accent all day. 😉 Hope you’ve been having fun on your vacation, sorry you’re probably already on the way home.

    Thanks for helping keep the random alive – looking forward to some vacation randomness! 🙂

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