MMMM + Vacation Recap OR “I’m molting!”


Let’s go ahead and start with my video, since it has been almost an entire week since I blogged and I need to ease back into it. So, in the hour before we left our house for vacation, I was checking email on my iTouch and put it down on the kitchen table. We got about 30 minutes away from the house before I realized I forgot it. And man was I mad. So I really didn’t listen to MY songs for all that time.  First thing I did when we got home and I’d gotten the kids in bed and things unpacked was start up some tunes. And the first song that came on was Eric Church’s “Smoke a little smoke”, which I really love.

We intended to drink almost the entire time we were on vacation. Ha ha, nope. Didn’t happen. I’ll explain why in a minute.

The second song I chose because I started a new romance series that is based around a rock band and this one, Dragonforce, is by the far the most talented when it comes to guitarists. Holy fingerwork, Batman!


Ok, so vacation recap. Where to begin? The kids were, well, they were kids in the car. Isaac didn’t bitch and moan nearly as much as the last time we drove to Orlando but he wasn’t exactly happy. We got in around 10 or so and on Wednesday, we pretty much just hung around until 2 when Ash and I drove over to Daytona. See, starting maybe on Sunday, both Ash and I realized we didn’t feel so hot. It was definitely one of those Summer colds and admittedly, everyone in my house was congested.

But we weren’t going to let that ruin our vacation! When we got there and settled into our hotel, we began walking and exploring. The point of getting the hotel we did was that, not only was it right ON the beach, but it was only half a mile from the shoppes/movie theater. After checking out the surroundings, we ate at Bubba Gump’s (neither of us had ever indulged in the cliched restaurant) and then decided to sit on the beach in the evening. It was nice because it was overcast so the temps were cool and the wind was nice. Later that night, we saw Captain America, which was good but not as good as I anticipated.

The next day we’d planned to hit the beach early but I wanted food so we hit up IHOP (ew, why did we do this??) and then went to one of the gazillion tourist shops to buy boogie boards. Oddly enough, we ended up buying them from Maui Nix, which is a step higher than 10,000 Beach Gifts or some variation of that name. The waves were really rolling in around 10 AM so the boarding was seriously fun. If you catch it just right – right as the wave is building and right before it crests – you can ride it all the way in.

After about an hour of boarding we reapplied sunscreen and just sat in the sun, people-watching and listening to the surf. We were definitely out there for a good four hours and in the middle of the day. And even though I thought I’d slathered on enough sunscreen, we were burned. Badly burned; ugh. After that we had a late lunch at the Oyster Pub, which was dark and cool. The details after this get sort of hazy because we were so relaxed and just going with the flow. I found it hard to remember a time I felt so unfettered. I’m pretty sure we had pizza that night then sat on the beach some more. I also think we went down the boardwalk towards the pier later on and watched street performers and the Ferris wheel spin spin spin.

Unfortunately that night, the people in the room next to ours – through which our kitchenettes shared a door – were exceedingly loud. It was obviously someone’s birthday and my guess was 21. We managed to drown them out somewhat by opening the glass door to our balcony and cranking the A/C to high, so it ran continuously. At 3 AM, they were still going strong and I wanted so badly to bang on the door or even go over and say something. But it was one of those things where you have to ask: will they listen and calm down or would our complaint just fuel the fire? Sadly, this was the beginning of the end.

Friday morning, I think we both realized that we could have booked one less night and gone home Friday afternoon instead of staying until Saturday morning. We still hit the beach early on and we mostly read our books. We decided to see Cowboys and Aliens around 1 and it was… pretty damn awesome. I was sure it could have gone either way, judging from the previews, but it was really really good. (Daniel Craig is one badass cowboy – whoo!) I think we went out on the beach a little while in the late afternoon then headed to dinner at Tia Cori’s Tacos, which had really high ratings. And it did not disappoint. Even though they made you order at the counter and didn’t have ground beef, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Ash had steak tacos which he loved, a great margarita, and the chips were most definitely hand made. Great salsa too!

Our last night there, we went to the pier (which is under construction) and we had soft serve ice cream on the Boardwalk. That’s also when we met the balloon man, who was totally cool. Elderly guy, probably retired, but you could tell he loves the interaction with people the most.

Sadly, the rude-ass people next door were at it again (even though it was no longer birthday time) and that really pissed us off. I called the front desk at 3 AM to complain but it didn’t seem to make a difference. Ash couldn’t sleep and I think he may have gotten 2-3 hours. He woke me at about quarter to 6 and we went to watch the sunrise. That was quite an amazing experience. So even though the rude kids kept us awake, we benefited from it in the end. We did get our payback on the a-holes next door though. To get the sand off our shoes, we banged them very loudly on their wall at 7 AM. Oh, were you sleeping? So was I… at 2 AM!! Ahem…

Once we got packed up (oh, wait. Originally, we were going to stay until lunch and then drive back but on Friday, when we realized we’d pretty much had enough and that we missed the kids, we changed plans) we drove down the road to Crabby Joe’s, which is in Daytona Beach Shores. My mother goes there pretty much every time she visits the beach. It’s a restaurant on a pier so you’re basically sitting atop the water. Ash originally didn’t want to go but it was worth it. We watched men catching fish, guys surfing, and we even saw dolphins!

We were back in Orlando by 10 AM and enjoyed the rest of the day immensely. Ash napped and we swam and my sister and her boyfriend came for dinner. And even though that ended in a horrible argument, the overall day was good. Sunday was my mom’s birthday but my dad had an all-day work presentation so we took her out for Mexican before driving back.

I’m pretty glad to be back in the office today, even though there are a lot of irritating tasks ahead for me to tackle. Also, my face is peeling from the sunburn and I look like a decaying zombie or something. No amount of lotion will help the peelage so I’ll just have to suck it up.

Thanks for hanging in there with my vacay recap. You may or may not care but I like to write it down so I can go back later on and read it. You know, when work’s got me down and things are all crazy again. I can reread how awesome it was to just sit on the sand and watch the champagne waves bubbling on the shore. Le sigh.

P.S. – Link to my vacation pics in case you’re interested.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Vacation Recap OR “I’m molting!”

  1. WOW- sounds like you had the hotel neighbors from hell….
    and that you need a vacation from your vacation. I love Florida beaches. We went to visit my Dad this year in April. He lives in St. Augustine- its so beautiful there.
    Sorry about the sunburn but thanks for the review of C vs. A, and also Crabby Joe’s. Its on my list to try next time we are in Florida. Mr. Wilson tells me that Orlando and Daytona have some of the best restaurants…

  2. I so wish we could go spend time on the beach! Sounds like your beach time was perfect, even if the hotel neighbors were far less so. Hope your peeling goes quickly so your resemblance to a zombie is short lived.

  3. Sounds like the PERFECT getaway – well, aside from the crappy hotel neighbors and the peeling sunburn. But the peeling is worth it, after all that fun beach time! And I loved all the pictures you took – you got some amazing shots! I’m like you – I have to write it down so I can reflect back on it and remember the relaxation mode when things get hectic or stressful. 😉 Loved your song choices, too! Sorry you forgot your iTouch – I’ve done that before, but usually don’t remember I left it until we’re halfway to where we’re going. 😉

    Country Girl with One More Drinkin’ Song is a Shotgun Girl under Blue Skies

  4. Whoa I think you’re right about the flying fingers. My hubby is a musician and I so had to show him this video. He says he’s seen them before on you tube. They are really good. Thanks for sharing. Man, I would’ve so complained to the management and insisted on a free night for sure! That’s a shame, but all in all it sounds like you had a pretty good time.

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