Plug for a friend + Isaac cuteness

A friend of mine, from way back in high school, is one of those hardcore crafter people. You know, she knits and makes things and she’s good at it. She has her own Etsy store now where she sells super cute kid shirts with different designs. Here’s Isaac showing off his gnomey-gnome shirt. He’s 15 months and some change and this is the 12-18 month size. Upon first glance, I didn’t think it would fit but it does and it looks great!

The shirts are American Apparel so they’re comfy and durable. The gnome applique is on there good and I think it’ll hold up during the wash.

I’ve added a button for her Etsy store on my sidebar but here’s the link either way. Be Knit Picky. It would be awesome if you headed over there and checked it out!

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