Friday Confessional – Rough couple of days edition

PhotobucketI confess… I am not handling the series of events that have catapulted my life into a tailspin these last couple days very well. Not really, like at all.

I confess… I am really nervous because my son (please see yesterday’s post) is about to be put under sedation and have a bead removed from his nose. I know it sounds kind of funny but man, this has gotten out of control.

I confess… I’m not really feeling like being at work but I don’t know if I could be there. See, I figured they’d just be able to pull it out and all would be fine. Now I feel bad for not being with him. But now I am screwed because I don’t have my car. Luckily, he has his daddy for support.

I confess… I am about to play some Bejeweled and try not to over-think this whole thing. I am sure he’ll be fine!

I confess… I also need to stop freaking out about the now blocked up washing machine. Why does that “when it rains, it pours” cliche always ring true?

Ok, I know that’s not much but seriously, my life is crazy right now!

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