Operating @ < 100%

My life has been relatively insane since Thursday. Even more so, Elliot’s has been but his issues had a direct result on the family.

The doctors  ended up having to sedate him to remove the bead. Ash said he handled it all like a champ: the hospital gown and the gurney and having to go without his daddy into the OR. I don’t know exactly how they got it out but I know they didn’t have to run an IV to knock him out. And he has two pinpoint bruises on the bridge of his nose.

Things were looking up for us all after the bead came out. The three of us went to lunch and I went out that night with some friends. Saturday morning I felt a little out of sorts but nothing drastic. Ash ran trails, I mowed the lawn then we all took mid-afternoon naps. And when I woke from said nap, my stomach felt like it was trying to explode out of my body. Like a million tiny swords were pushing outwards on my belly. By 5-6 PM, I was sick and starting to think it was food poisoning. I have had it before and – by far – it is one of the worst sicknesses. All I could do was lay in bed and toss around, trying to find a semi-comfortable position, in between runs to the toilet.

Ash really stepped up and fed the kids, put them to bed, and did the dishes. And then the worst part of this whole four day fiasco began: Elliot puked. It was maybe 9:30 or so and OMG. What a horrific mess. He was freaking out since he’s not used to vomiting and we were freaking out because he didn’t make it to the bathroom… twice. After things settled a slight bit, we camped him on the couch with  a bowl, which he hated using and he totally lost his shit each and every time. I slept on and off for a few hours then let Ash go to bed and even though the last time I really upchucked was around midnight, Elliot heaved about five times in the night. It was the WORST night of sleep he and I have gotten since he had pneumonia at 7 months. But at least that time he wasn’t puking.

I think Elliot’s had run its course by 7 AM Sunday and though his belly still hurt and he wasn’t that hungry, he was better. Meanwhile, I still felt like battered crap. My sides ached and with every turn of my head, it swam and pounded. By the evening, I was feeling better but maybe only 80%. The day felt exceedingly long, since I could do a few chores but then had to lay down.

Today, Ell seems back to normal entirely while I  still have this awful headache. All I really want to do is sleep but I also want to return to normalcy. Oh, so badly do I want things to return to their plain old mundane ways. I feel like there’s only so much bad life can throw at you until it calms the Eff down and leaves you alone again for a while. Well, I’m ready for that, please. Just give me plain old day-to-day. I tell you one thing: I started to appreciate that plain-ol’ life after feeling so terribly BAD for that twenty four hour period. Nothing like feeling like you’re dying to make you thankful for what you’ve got.

I do so hope that you, dear reader, had a much better weekend than we did. Happy Monday.

8 thoughts on “Operating @ < 100%

  1. Dave, I don’t even want to tell you ;). No, I actually think it may have not been food poisoning but this bug that’s going around. Because Ash isn’t feeling too hot now.

  2. Wow, that sounds absolutely brutal! I’m so sorry that you guys had to go through that — stomach bugs are the worst! Glad that things are starting to look up!

  3. Did Elliot just announce, “hey, I have a bead up my nose?” or did you all have to figure out that something was wrong and then ask him?

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