13 Reasons to join Tumblr

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I love Tumblr; here are reasons why you might want to join.

  1. If you blog and find yourself posting a lot of pictures, Tumblr might be a better outlet for said visuals.
  2. It’s easier to follow other blogs. I think their dashboard is easier to maneuver than your RSS feed.
  3. Specialized visual blogs. Tattoos, Bones, Cars, Food, Architecture, anything!
  4. You can follow local people and, if you’re like me and live in kind of a small town, it’s cool to see pictures of places you know.
  5. The “like” heart.
  6. The “F#@!yeah” blogs. They’re special tumblrs that are deserving of more recognition because they are just that awesome and premier.
  7. This is one of the best: Great Food.
  8. Lots of animated gifs.
  9. Completely random stuff.
  10. Inspirational blogs
  11. Customizable blog layouts that rock
  12. The “Explore” feature makes it super easy to find stuff you’re looking for.
  13. It’s a great addition to your morning routine of checking email, Facebook and other blogs.

Screen shot of my personal archives:

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