My Book Boyfriend – Week 6

This week I am choosing Brian from Cherrie Lynn’s Rock Me.Β  I didn’t love this book but I did love Brian. He was everything I used to hope for in a boyfriend when I was, say, 20. And to this day, I guess I still have a thing for tattooed and pierced bad boys.

The best model I could find is Nicholas Lemons, known for his tattoos and bad boy look. (Minus the goatee; sorry.)

Brian is a tattoo artist who gave everything he had to open his own shop, though his family wasn’t exactly keen on it. Once dating Candace’s cousin, he’s now single and Candace has mustered the courage to walk into his shop and get her first tattoo for her 23rd birthday. Brian is the only guy she trusts to initiate her into that side of culture. Here’s an excerpt from when she’s on his chair, readying to be inked:

His olive skin was maddeningly without blemish. Exquisite lips, full and defined, were framed by a goatee that looked so sleek and soft…How would it feel against her skin if he ever kissed her? Rough or silken? Would it tickle or scratch? Should would never find out, but a girl could dream.

Brian gets involved with Candace and can’t seem to quit her. Here’s an excerpt from chapter 6:

Candace,” he said softly. “You’re incredibly beautiful, and I-” He gave up with a sigh. She opened her eyes to see him lean his head back in despair for a moment. “I would be a fool to leave.”

Though looks denoted otherwise, he’s a sweet, romantic guy. Plus, he has a specific piercing that definitely did right by Candace. πŸ˜‰

The book’s worth a read if for nothing else, Brian is a compelling character full of patience and a sexual sort of savagery. I dug him.

9 thoughts on “My Book Boyfriend – Week 6

  1. Hahaha that last picture looks like he’s getting ready to go to the bathroom. LOL.

    I’m reading some Nora Roberts right now. I’m thinking about making a blog post about the book I just finished. The pros and cons and stuff. A real critique. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the hott pics. πŸ™‚

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