Random Tuesday – You mean, there are other days of the week??


I’m already having one of those weeks where if my head wasn’t screwed on I’d lose it. Also, why do people say that? Head… screwed on. Just…weird. The English language is funky like that. Anyway, without further ado…

  • Yesterday I went to my new favorite coffee shop (Red Eye) and they had just experienced a power outage so the espresso grinder wasn’t working. Grrrr….
  • The reason this blew goats was because over the weekend I had an epiphany:  I used to be a coffee snob and only thought Starbucks’ lattes were “the best” but Red Eye puts more care and attention into theirs and man, I was really looking forward to that drink. Grrrr….
  • But today, it was all good. Yummy latte, how I do love you. ::smooch::
  • I’m going to get super ahead on my half-marathon playlist. Any suggestions on songs that’ll rock?
  • By the time you read this, I will be in my neurology appointment. Hopefully they’ll give me some good news about this stupid carpal tunnel. It hurts! I ran the entire 12 miles on Saturday with my right hand completely asleep.
  • Over the course of the weekend I ate 5 bagels. FIVE. That’s so many carbs I could just die admitting that. But I do not regret the bagels. Oh so tasty bagels.
  • I’m not sure I like Anne Hathaway as CatWoman nor Tom Hardy as Bane for the next Batman movie. I take this rather seriously, you know, and a Brit cannot very well play a poor Latino. And she’s just… ok. So long as Batman only knows her as CatWoman and Bruce does not have a relationship with Selina, I’ll be ok. In Nolan We Trust. Gonna leave it at that.
  • One of my goals this week is to go to this cupcake store and eat something yummy. Lucy and Leo’s was features on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and though I pass by it all the time, I never go. I figure the running justifies this one indulgence.

This week’s Man Candy is model Doug Porter. I’m drawn to his name first and foremost. It sounds very working class; strong. Picture him with a tool belt and hammer and there ya go. Yum.

8 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – You mean, there are other days of the week??

  1. Definitely not a fan of Anne Hathaway as cat woman, would much prefer Jessica Alba. She rocked the black outfit in Dark Angel and has better lips than Hathaway for the cat woman part.

  2. With a tool belt he could fix anything for me–yum!
    Friended you on Goodreads–my reading tastes vary from mysteries to romance–lots of romance. I always like good suggestions for new stuff. Have a great Tuesday.

  3. Anne Hathaway does not strike me as Catwoman.
    I’ll join you for that cupcake! I always love a good cupcake. Wait…is there such a thing as a bad cupcake.

    Add some Lil’ Wayne to your playlist!

  4. YUM is right on that man candy! 🙂

    Hope your neurology appointment went OK – carpal tunnel is not fun. I had it in both hands (doesn’t it suck when either hand falls asleep? I hate the tingling when it’s waking up!) so I ended up having the surgery to fix that in both hands – one right after the other about 3 weeks apart. That was fun. But no more sleeping hands! 🙂

    RTT: Head Colds and Renovations

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