An actual real-live blog post. For you!

I’ve been so awful about posting when not doing a daily meme. Perhaps it’s because my life feels so awful hectic lately that when I sit to post, it all comes out as rather whiny. Sometimes that works; most of the time, it doesn’t. My life consists of so much running right now, I feel like all my free time and all the time I had to ponder wondrous things about the world – that I would then write about for you – is just bogged down by it. I run, I have to ice and change and then get back on track with the kids and then I fall asleep because running takes a ton out of me. I basically sat around all I could this weekend. Not an easy feat with small kids. But I injured my foot somehow and the pain was, well, excruciating. Luckily this is my taper week so I get to rest for four days in a row, Thank God. I have never been so glad to be finished with  run as I was Saturday. Even though it wasn’t that hard.

Ok, I bet you’re sick of hearing about the running. I always feel like a little bit of an ass when I talk about it because though some people are genuinely interested in the process, I think most people probably just resent me. It’s ok; I feel like that about people who are already in shape. It’s true; I’m not going to lie.

So moving on from running, I’ve been writing a lot lately and it feels really good. I have about 20 single-spaced pages and I think my characters are starting to flesh out. I’m working towards a major conflict and I kind of can’t wait to throw my main two chars together and make them fight. How fun!

Isaac has an appointment on Thursday to be “evaluated” for his lack of sitting up, which I haven’t much talked about on here because who knows what sorts of comments I may get? He’s nine months old and he will sit but he also hunches over, won’t push himself up to sitting, and will sometimes fight you. As in, he stiffens and won’t let himself bend at the waist. Of course, once I made the phone calls to the appropriate PT people, he sat up just fine this weekend. He still won’t push himself up and fought me a few times – he’d much rather just army crawl around than just sit there – but he’s made progress just in the last few days. I’ll go ahead with the initial evaluation just to see what this person thinks. If he’s almost there, great. If not, they’ll organize a team of folks and we’ll work on it with him. Personally, I think he’s just fine but will go ahead with this anyway. Just in case.

This time of year is really busy for us. Ash and I both have dentist appointments, the dogs are due for their shots, yearly bills are due and some monthly bills are a lot higher, like the propane one. All this had added a great deal of stress. I find that we sleep more. Friday evening, it was about 8 and Ash and I were laying on opposite ends of the couch. Elliot got between us and watched Backyardigans as the two of us feel asleep for nearly an hour. Such bad parenting but we were all out exhausted. After we woke up and put Elliot to bed, Ash and I watched Scott Pilgrim vs the World. I really hate when people hype a movie up to be this awesome epic thing and then it’s kind of a let-down. We finished watching and were just sort of meh about it. Next up is The Losers but no one has said anything about it to me; maybe that means it’ll be good.

Well, there’s what’s been going on with me lately. Tune in tomorrow for Random Tuesday. I’m so much better at coming up with exciting bullets than real posts. Sigh. Oh, but I’m putting a lot of effort into finding a good Man Candy specimen. That right there is reason enough to show up. 🙂

4 thoughts on “An actual real-live blog post. For you!

  1. I’m not a runner, but my hubby was. Until plantar fasciitis wrecked his heels. He swims now. But I admire anyone who is dedicated enough to run regularly.
    I have a hard time watching new movies. So many are not so good. I want to see Red. I only hope it’s good.

  2. I definitely don’t resent you for talking about running. Even though, with my foot and ankle issues, it is the absolute last thing I would ever want to do, I’m glad you’ve found an exercise you enjoy and that works for you and hearing about it motivates me to keep going with my own fitness goals.

    I, too, had heard a lot of things about Scott Pilgrim, but now I won’t be in such a rush to see it if it’s not so good.

  3. I went through a meme phase. Those are easy to do. I meme every Tuesday and Wednesday but Tuesday actually takes some creative genius so I feel good about it. I might have to meme a bit in the near future, I’m really starting to struggle with my writing lately. Too much drama!

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