• 11.5 miles is a long way to run. Around mile 10, I started to get bored. But mostly because I lost my mental zone and the pain in my hip took over my brain. It took a lot to get back on track and mold my attitude into the correct one in order to finish. I take solace in the fact that maybe the super hilly routes I’ve been running will make the flat half-marathon course that much easier.
  • I am getting a massage this afternoon; one I feel I whole-heartedly deserve after my run. And even though I have had multiple massages in my time, I am always slightly nervous. They’ll know I carry extra belly fat and I feel the need to explain that it’s sort of like a battle scar. I’ve carried two kidlets in there and though I have lost almost all of my pregnancy weight, the skin is stretched and excess fat fill it. My appointment is with someone named Cody, who I am hoping is a guy. I have had massages from women but they never are hard enough. I won’t break; my muscles need the extra pressure.
  • We saw True Grit on Friday and man was that good. I saw the original a couple weeks back and though it was compelling and John Wayne is amazing, the newer version was far better. I didn’t even realize the Coen brothers did it. I think the chick who played Mattie is going to have a good career; amazing actress. We also saw Iron Man 2 that night, though Ash had seen it. I thought it was good but nothing beats the first Iron Man when he emerges from the desert cave and blasts the insurgents to hell. I get chills every. damn. time.

2 thoughts on “Three

  1. I really liked the True Grit remake, too, and I’m shocked to hear when people thought it was awful. John Wayne played a comic drunk, but Jeff Bridges played it more serious and realistic. I did not expect to like the movie, but I thought it was just amazing.

    I get massages quite often, and you should not have to feel like you need to explain your body to them. They are trained professionals. Also, they’re not even going to see your belly. Don’t worry about it, and just enjoy the massage!

    It seems like I have so many friends who are runners. My friend Rachel just reviewed the book ChiRunning by Danny Dreyer and really loved it. I guess it talks a lot about body mechanics and endurance for long runs. (The author runs 80 miles or some ridiculous stretch like that) You might like it!

  2. 80 miles??? That’s insane. But I’ll check it out. I need to get more mentally focused. And my massage was great; the guy was really easy to talk to and I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. 🙂

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