What I’m doing riiiight now

Brace yourselves people. This post is full of the mundane minutia of everyday life. But let’s call it the “Thanksgiving 2010 Edition”

  • If you look at the clock and it’s 6 AM, I’m probably up, making waffles for Elliot, chugging a Starbucks Doubleshot and puttering around my house, trying to tidy up before all hell breaks loose my guests arrive.
  • If it’s around 10 AM when you check your watch, my BIL is probably landing at Tallahassee airport (hopefully not worse for wear after the invasive pat-down he may have received in Chicago. Moon RIVER!)
  • Possibly around noontime, I’ll be trying to entertain my parents and/or hastily jotting down last minute supplies that need to be purchased.
  • Around three or so, we’ll be going to The Fresh market to retrieve the fresh turkey and their cranberry stuff.
  • In an attempt not to lose my brain altogether, I might be nursing a beer by 4 or 5.
  • By 7, I guarantee I’ll either have found my stride and be in a state of Zen or have had my mental breakdown and you’ll find me in a dark room, rocking in a corner, mumbling incoherently.
  • After the kids go to bed and my parents head back to their hotel, Ash, his bro and I will probably watch a movie and/or head to bed early because we have that race tomorrow. So wish me luck and peace out peoples. Have a great Turkey Day!

2 thoughts on “What I’m doing riiiight now

  1. Good luck on your run and with your visitors. I wish we had had visitors for Thanksgiving but getting my parents out of Maine is one of the most difficult things to do ever in the history of the universe.

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