Random Tuesday -Turkey week


NaBloPoMo is about to get really fricken’ hard with this here Holiday so let me pound out some random bits o’ info then get on to scheduling posts for the next few day. Enjoy!

  • In about one day, I will have my parents and brother-in-law here for Thanksgiving and if I don’t actually think about the ins and outs of entertaining, I might just keep my sanity.
  • Before we sit down to gorge ourselves on Thanksgiving food on Thursday, we’re running a race. I’m doing the 5k and Ash and his bro, the 15k. I pray to God I don’t feel then how I felt this past Saturday when I would rather have taken a knife to the gut over running one more fricken’ mile. You have good days and bad days; let’s hope Thursday is good.
  • Have I shown you this site? He doesn’t update often but it’s hilarious.
  • I didn’t watch those AMA awards but I heard some chick named Justin won entertainer of the year. (hee hee ha ha)
  • Some places out West got snow. We have 80 degree temps when just last week it was 30. What gives?
  • Also, am I the only person who doesn’t give two craps about this royal wedding business?
  • I once found a hundred dollar bill in a Publix parking lot.
  • Ryan Reynolds totally does not deserve the Sexiest Man title. Not that he isn’t nice to look at but give me three minutes and I could amass a list of sexier men for you.
  • Every morning when I drop my husband off at work, my son requests that he say goodbye to us all by our Halloween personas. So he says, “Goodbye, Venom daddy.” And my husband says, “Goodbye Spider man Elliot. Goodbye Batman Isaac and goodbye Sookie mommy”, because yes, I was Sookie Stackhouse for Halloween. It’s fairly amusing that Elliot still asks for this though.

And here’s your weekly Man Candy. Andrew Stetson has that rough look to him but coupled with the pouty lips,very nice.

13 thoughts on “Random Tuesday -Turkey week

  1. You’re participating in a race before pigging out on Thanksgiving? What a great idea – then you won’t have ANY guilt about stuffing your face! 😉

    The weather has been wacky here, too – almost 70 yesterday (and possibly today), and by the end of the week maybe it’ll get out of the 30’s.

    I’m right there with you about not caring about the Royal Wedding….but that eye candy? YUM! 🙂

    RTT: Thanksgiving, Christmas Shopping, Turkey Boob Job

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Unstoppable was actually a pretty good movie, Kept you on the edge of your seat. Chris was the MAIN attraction! I totally agree about the royal wedding… i blogged about it only because it was BREAKING NEWS while I was typing! News I could live without! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  3. The obsession with weddings kind of baffles me. All that money for one day. And a royal wedding–well I’m all eh.
    We got snow–and cold temps. looking back fondly on the eighty degree temps we had last summer. It’s a long way to next summer.

  4. Oh and black ice is very slick ice that you can’t see on the road. Because you can’t see it, it’s hard to slow down for it and can be very dangerous.

  5. Yeah – I don’t care about the wedding either. The date was just announced and I’m already sick of hearing about it.

    Good luck with your race! You are much better than I am!

  6. I hope your run Thurs is a great one!! I have an 8k that morning that I am hoping is a great run day as well. I can totally relate to the good and bad of running. It just is what it is. Thanks for stopping by for RTT. Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

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