Random Tuesday is brought to you by the word “discombobulated”



  • For one thing, I don’t ever want to take three days off from work again. I came back to all hell breaking loose. At the same time, it’s kind of comforting to know how much I am actually needed around this joint.
  • Dude, Brett Favre. How far you have fallen. You look like an old man on the field and you’re apparently no better than those other pervs that violate the personal conduct rules. Remember a couple years back when Vikings players got in trouble for some crazy drunken boat party? I guess it’s a Viking thing to be a screw up.
  • This weekend, I traveled over 900 miles across most of Florida. I broke a nail closing my trunk. I accidentally backed into my sister’s car (when I was the only one NOT drinking, mind you).
  • On our drive home, Isaac screamed his little head off, as usual, but at one point, about 30 miles from home, Elliot says, “Mommy, Isaac has poop on him.” I finally pull over and peek back to see that he’s had the mother of all blow-outs. I had to get him out, use every last wipe I had, cramming them into an empty Kleenex box (along with his onesie; even though it was cute I decided to trash it due to the poop to material ratio) and then his seat was all gooey so I got it at least somewhat dry and put a burp cloth on it so he wouldn’t be sitting in funk. He still smelled faintly of baby poo and today, he smells like Woolite upholstery cleaner because the seat hadn’t dried. What a hot mess.
  • I was supposed to leave Sunday night but then an old friend of mine said she would be in town. We met in the 9th grade when we both moved to Orlando from other cities. Though we went our separate ways in high school after a time, she and I recently hooked back up online and chat all the time now, now that we have kids in common. So it was something I knew I had to do. Seeing her was awesome too but you know what we didn’t do? Take pictures! Wow.
  • Back to breaking my nail…I have suddenly turned all girly with wanting my nails to be nice. I used to be a big time nail biter until I chipped a tooth. Not necessarily while biting but the dentist said over time that can happen. I had to have some work done to repair the chip so I have stopped biting. Though, the fix is already messed up and 160 bucks went right down the drain, proving that once you had a tooth problem, there is no going back. I guess I am just old and need to accept parts of my body that are and will be falling apart.
  • Though I technically went on “vacation” this weekend, I don’t feel rested or relaxed at all.
  • And just because I can, here’s some tasty man candy. Happy Tuesday!

5 thoughts on “Random Tuesday is brought to you by the word “discombobulated”

  1. The man candy is almost yummy, except for the disturbing, dripping, penis hose. I think they could have rethought the dripping, no? Dripping penis bespeaks VD.

    Holy horrors with the carseat blow-out. reminds me of the near blow-out we had when flying once. We hit the pre-blow-out stage I like to call a Diaper Filling Event (DFE). I only caught it because I *felt* it. i hate that. Holding a kid and feeling the poop happen.

  2. So nice to meet the boys and catch up with you 🙂 Boooo on no pictures!!!!

    Yikes about the blow out. One of those “I’ll never forget the time….” moments for sure. Or maybe it was so bad you’ll block it out.

  3. Claire, you are my birth control on the days where I might even consider having kids. 🙂

    Thanks for commenting on my blog too. I’ve had a rough couple of days.

    PS: Favre is a douchebag.

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