The Tuesday of hurry-up-ness


  • WOW. There’s 75 people who already posted their blogs today for Random Tuesday, proving I needed to do this, like, yesterday
  • But unfortunately, I was at the Honda dealership, getting my oil changed and swiping that free wi-fi. Ohhh yeah.
  • I beat both opponents in Fantasy Football this week and I’m pretty damn thrilled.
  • In fact, yesterday was a really good day for me. Got a lot of good news and worked out and my kids behaved and then? And then? I got to go shopping! You must understand that I rarely get to do this as I cannot justify spending the money. I got jeans and a shirt and it was oh-so awesome.
  • The weather is still cold here, which is totally shocking to me every morning as I walk out in jeans and short sleeves still thinking it’ll be mild and then, much to my dismay, the freezing chilly wind whips around me and um, brrrr.
  • As I mentioned, I’m going home this weekend and driving in the car with a 3 year old and an almost 6 month old sort of makes my stomach churn. We don’t have a portable dvd player for Elliot and Isaac hates his car seat. Take pity on me, please.
  • For the record, I hate every late night show, Jimmy Fallon especially. Though, Craig Ferguson is kind of awesome because his sidekick is a robot.
  • I created two stack of paper this morning: one of important things I needed and one of recyclable stuff. I then picked up the stuff I needed and promptly put it in the recycle bin. Clearly, not enough coffee has been consumed.
  • Even though it’s Ash running a marathon on Sunday and not me, I am feeling extremely nervous as if I had an upcoming event. It’s really weird. Is that like how husbands sometimes feel anxiety when their wives are pregnant?
  • I’m about to respond to essays, pump some milk, and drink my vitamin C. Some of these things you probably did not want to know.

I’m out. I have crap to do. And you have comments to leave. 😉

5 thoughts on “The Tuesday of hurry-up-ness

  1. The weather is beautiful here! It’s only getting into the low 80s high 70s but we haven’t used our air conditioning in almost a week.

    I laughed so hard when you said you put your important stuff in the recycle bin. I do that ALL THE TIME. I’ll be chanting in my head “Do this, do this, don’t forget to do this” and then I drive right on past the grocery store or I don’t open up my e-mail or what have you and it gets forgotten and then I have to scramble to retrieve it from my personal recycle bin. Blah!

    Have a great week and good luck on your trip.

  2. I am not a fan of televisions in automobiles and instead recommend travel games, which worked splendidly for me as a child. I can think of two such games off hand.

    Sign Bingo — I actually had little bingo cards with the traffic signs on them, but it would be a simple matter to whip some up on the computer.

    The State Game — This probably works better during interstate travel but the object is to spot as many States’ auto tags as possible.

    Enjoy your trip!

  3. Thanks Dave! Elliot’s to the point where we can play games like that now. Lately we’ve been looking for different color cars. We’ll definitely be employing some of these.

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