Family of four does the weekend

What is it about weekend with kids that can relegate them to utter shit or elevate them to magically awesome levels? They fluctuate way too much these days and my sanity hangs in the balance. This weekend was no exception. Saturday morning Ash ran early and I held down the fort. Elliot was in a relatively good mood but was a little lazy about the potty. We had two accidents before noon but he leveled off after that. And did fine during nap. But I was still sort of annoyed by him because he wouldn’t play with his toys and he basically didn’t want to do anything. Finally he went down for nap and Isaac woke up right before Ash fell asleep on the couch. Sigh. By 4, I think we were all feeling a little stir crazy so we got ready and headed to the park.

The multi-use trails at Tom Brown park are pretty awesome (though maybe a little too sandy for strollers) and Elliot liked to run ahead and then show us stuff. The weather was nice, if not a little warm, but in the shade of the forest, it wasn’t too bad. It was quite peaceful back there and I think it helped us all to decompress. Even Isaac fell asleep in the stroller.

We went home and had dinner then went back out for ice cream, which was awesome but see also: FATTENING.  Brusters is especially awful since it’s handmade from unicorns and double rainbows and gold and shit. But OMG was it ever tasty. I worked out though so I felt slightly better. Really, I know at some point here I have to get serious about running again because Ash and I and possibly his brother are running the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Not that it’s going to be *hard* but with this stupid knee injury, I haven’t been on top of my game. I did, however, start taking glucosamine, consequences be damned. It’s one of those drugs where there’s not enough conclusive evidence that it is or is not safe for nursing. Ash is living proof that stuff works so I’m getting on it. I just hope I can get back out on the road soon. Running not only helped me physically but mentally as well.

This week is going to be super hectic but I’m taking it one day at a time. Today, I have to teach and have an afternoon meeting. Tomorrow, a new book comes out and I have lunch errands to run.  Wednesday, Ash has to get a hair cut (one car, remember) and then we both have to pack. Thursday will be the busiest as Ash’s flight to Chicago leaves around noon then I have to drop off dogs, pick up kids, and get on the road to Orlando. It’s going to be insane but fun. I’m out! Happy Monday!

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